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Costumer service 3,64 / 5
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Comfort 3,91 / 5
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Comfort economy

The Americans: their companies' reputations are unfortunately bad, as we all know. Nevertheless, we're beginning to understand that these same...

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Economy plus LIM - ATL More than 3 years 39 reactions 322 views

A typical low-cost airline flight

The flight was pleasant and I felt totally safe. However, the onboard service was appalling, basically nonexistent. The plane was comfortable, but...

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Economy LGA - DTW More than 3 years 17 reactions 167 views

A nice flight, but not completely adequate for those who need to follow a gluten-free diet

After a good first flight with Delta, we arrived at the Minneapolis airport. To recap, for the whole flight I paid 16 € and used 65,000 miles. It...

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Business MSP - AMS More than 3 years 29 reactions 150 views

An excellent member of Skyteam

This was my first time with Delta and I was very happy with it.
When I arrived at the Fort Lauderdale Airport I got a warm welcome from the Delta crew.
Boarding was one time and so was takeoff. There was a large amount of legroom, and before takeoff the safety instructions were presented clearly.
There was a small free drink in the middle of the flight. The flight crew was very welcoming.
Everyone had televisions screens for entertainment although mine moved a little. But otherwise we landed at the international airport in New York.
I was very happy with Delta and I would take it again without hesitation.

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Economy FLL - JFK More than 3 years 8 reactions 75 views

Paranoid american airlines

I took a flight from NRT to PVG with Delta airlines.
Delta use tokyo as its asian hub, and has regular flight to asian destinations.

The price was cheap around 300euros go/back.
My problem was that I bought a bottle of water IN the duty free and, before to enter in the plane Delta (and all the other american airlines) ask you to go trough a second security check, where they check your hand baggage.
They ask me to give them the bottle of water that I bought 5 euros in NRT airport...
I said no because I was thirsty and wanted to have a drink.
This is the FIRST time of my entire life of travelling across the world I see that you scan not enter the plane with something you bought in the duty free zone...
Those american are completely crazy !

The flight itself was correct, stewardess are old, ugly and rude but the plane is good and the seats are confortables.

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Economy NRT - PVG More than 3 years 2 reactions 10 views

Classical flight on an American Airlines

This flight was for some days vacation in Tokyo, the flight was around 4h.
It was a wide body aircraft with an IFE on each seat.
The seats were narrow and the pitch really tight but for 4h it's acceptable.
A light meal was served "Chinese Style", rice with chicken in a shanghaienne sauce, some cut fruits and a yogurt.
The flight attendant were old and not nice, a basically "Chicken or Fish" question.
The IFE was not working despite a reboot from the cabin chief stewardess.
The flight was on time.

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Economy PVG - NRT More than 3 years 3 reactions 3 views

A good flight from New York JFK to Detroit, standard flight

After having arrived in New York on an Air France A380, I caught my connecting flight to Detroit with Delta. The flight went well. We left with a...

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Economy JFK - DTW More than 3 years 4 reactions 125 views

Flight from Paris to Seattle

Not fantastic: Boeing 767.
The screens were above the aisle. You couldn't choose the films.
The air hostesses only spoke English.
There wasn't enough space to position your legs properly, etc.

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Economy CDG - SEA More than 3 years 7 reactions 68 views
sea shepherd godjira


Very good flight, large choice of in-flight entertainment. Quick take-off and smooth landing. Meal basic but nourishing. Cabin crew somewhat cold.

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Economy CDG - EWR More than 3 years 3 reactions 102 views

Common and vulgar

I flew out with Air France on an Airbus A380... What a drop in standards for the return flight. Delta's Boeing 767-400 looked dilapidated inside...

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Economy JFK - CDG More than 3 years 4 reactions 149 views

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