Seats at the back really uncomfortable

Review of Florian de What The Flight about the flight Delta Air Lines DL1017 between New Orleans and Detroit Wayne Co on 05/01/2013 in Economy
Florian de What The Flight DL / DAL MSY / DTW
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Today we are flying from New Orleans to Detroit. Our 2-hour flight is due to leave at 15:00. We are then flying on from Detroit to Paris with Air France.

With no access to the internet the day before our departure, we were not able to check in online. We arrived at the airport very early (06:00). We therefore went to enquire at the desk to see if we could get an earlier flight or check our luggage in. The Delta employee who dealt with us was friendly and professional. There were no earlier flights. We were, however, able to check our luggage in, freeing us up a little more for the 6 hour wait. Fortunately, New Orleans Airport has free Wi-Fi so the time passed very quickly.

We boarded an Airbus A319 "classique", with slightly antiquated, but comfortable, blue leather seats. No television, but paid Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, we had been allocated seats at the back of the aeroplane: seats 22b and c. These seats cannot be reclined at all. The space is especially restricted if the passenger in front decides to recline their seat. Furthermore, the drinks are prepared just at the side of you. The toilets are also just by your side. In my opinion, these are the worst seats on the plane. Luckily, the flight is a short one. I could not imagine enduring that during a long-haul flight. There is slightly more than 30 cm between my head and the seats in front — better not be claustrophobic. I imagine that had we been able to check in online we would probably have been able to change our seats. I think it unfortunate that when booking flights six months in advance there is no guarantee of a "normal" seating position.

The safety presentations are announced in English by the captain and demonstrated by members of the cabin crew. Nothing significant to comment on here.

During the flight there are some periods of turbulence that are not announced. The pilot makes regular announcements. Soda, juice and pretzels are handed out. The pretzels are thrown at my companion — not very graceful — and the announcements made by the cabin crew are reminiscent of unpleasant feedback.

I do not suffer from flying phobia. However, I don't particularly like the idea of being at altitude. The part I fear most is the take-off, especially when the plane banks to the right or the left to take up its final heading. I wonder why the pilot does not announce these kinds of things before departure. I am certain it would reassure passengers like myself.

The landing at Detroit is very smooth, despite the snow.

So, an unexceptional flight with a mediocre flight crew. Regrettably, the seats at the back are really uncomfortable.

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By Florian de What The Flight, about Delta Air Lines,
Posted online by Florian de What The Flight, on 8 January 2013
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Avec votre nom et votre numéro de réservation (PNR) vous pouvez vous rendre sur le site de delta des votre billet réservé pour choisir votre siège. Ça marche même depuis l'application iPhone 'Fly delta'.
Forcément si vous attendez l'aéroport pour choisir, il ne reste rien.

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