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Value (price + quality) 3,43 / 5
Comfort 3,11 / 5
Costumer service 3,44 / 5
Your opinion of security 3,94 / 5
Food 2,94 / 5
Management of luggage 4 / 5
Comfort 3,11 / 5
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SERGE13 Comfort economy 3/5
Magtravel An excellent US airline 5/5
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I was very surprised with the services at Delta. The food was one of the best "airplane foods" I've ever eaten. When we landed, they gave us mints which was awesome. The inflight entertainment was very good with all the new movies. The seat was small and there was not a lot of leg room. The airplane was older but the cabin was good quality. Check in without a problem and overall a very pleasant flight.

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Economy NRT - MNL 11/2015


It was an old plane so I thought that the interior would be old and bad. But the seats where in a good shape. There was enough legroom. The entertainment system was good a large choice of movies and tv series. Maybe the touch function could be better.
The staff was friendly.

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Economy SLC - CDG 07/2015


Short flight but overall a good one. Food was nothing special we also got a little snack. It could be worse. The entertainment system was not bad. Only during the landing their was a lot of turbulences.

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Economy LAX - SLC 07/2015


We had a good flight. There was enough leg room.
The inflight entertainment system was very good but it would be nice if the Wifi was free.
The meal was nothing special.
The check-in though could better their was not much room to wait at the gate.

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Economy MSP - LAX 07/2015

Review of the flight New York-Las Vegas

This was a flight booked with Delta points, so it was basically free. I didn't like this flight, but that may be because it was my second long flight of the day, after an intercontinental one. We didn't had enough legroom, but we had private screens with an enjoyable and funny safety video. The landing view was amazing, the take off was just ordinary.

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Economy JFK - LAS 07/2015 2 views

Very short

This flight was very short to begin with, and we also arrived in Detroit early since we left a little before 1:45 pm and we arrived at 2:20 pm.

My layover for Paris was long but the airport was very quiet. There was no snack and no animation considering how short the flight was. Takeoff and landing were not very far apart but they were good nonetheless.

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Economy AZO - DTW 07/2015 1 reactions 17 views

A surprise

Lots of legroom. They had a drink service with hard liquor and a hot meal served with white wine. There was a surprise snack on arrival, which was supposed to be breakfase. The meal, which was American cuisine, wasn't the best. Overall the service was good, but Air France's is definitely superior.

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Economy SEA - CDG 07/2015 5 reactions 68 views

Very good flight, pleasant flight crew

A pleasant flight to New York. Boarding was on time, and the crew was also on time and very pleasant. There was very good onboard service, good...

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Economy AMS - JFK More than 3 years 2 reactions 189 views

Pleasant flight (CDG - DTW)

A nice flight with helpful crew. The one negative point was the price of the wifi they offered: $29 for the duration of the flight is too expensive. The multimedia system was good and offered pretty many movies and music.

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Economy CDG - DTW 06/2015 1 reactions 18 views

An excellent US airline

The plane we flew in was recent and comfortable. We were in economy class and we had a decent amount of legroom.
The individual screens were a plus on this trip. There was a good selection of movies, some of which were pretty recent. The choice of series was more limited. For the non-bilingual, there were few films in French or with French subtitles.

The meal was good, but that was it. The portions were small but adequate.

They offered us a sleep kit: sleep mask and earplugs. A really nice touch.

Takeoff and arrival were on time, no delays. The crew was friendly and helpful both on the ground and during the flight.

Quick check-in.

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Economy BRU - JFK 03/2015 4 reactions 39 views

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