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Worst experience in 30 yrs of travel, hands down

In 30 yrs of international travel, this experience was the worst by far. Their partner airline bumped me off the second leg of the flight due to...

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Economy PIT - FRA 07/2019

Condor abandoned us mid-trip

We booked a flight on, round trip from Seattle to Vienna. The itinerary had a connection in Frankfurt.

We missed our connection in Frankfurt by just a few minutes due to long lines and waiting for shuttle buses at that airport.

This is understandable but what happened next is unbelievable.

The Condor agent told us it was our fault we missed the flight, and that they have a one-hour rule for connections. This "rule" of course is not written anywhere. If you don't make it to the connecting gate in within an hour, even if no fault of your own, you will not be rebooked.

Instead you will be told you're own your own. We had to purchase expensive last minute tickets on another airline to complete our trip to Vienna.

No other airline would abandon its customers mid-trip, short of their destination. I would question the safety of an airline that goes to these extremes to save money. I would never fly Condor again.

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Economy SEA - VIE 05/2019

Condor at Frankfurt - Highway to hell

100% I wish to NOBODY!!! Have you ever been **cked up because of airline company mistake??? So you will support me in here: 7th July 2018 10:30 AM I...

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Economy FRA - CUN 06/2018
Andrey V.

Worst airline and worst Customer service ever

Flew to Frankfort for Cancer to treatment. They lost luggage which had my cancer medication and clothes for the stay. They promised it would be...

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Economy MSP - FRA 05/2018 2 reactions

Lies and extra payments for nothing!

My hubby is a tall man. 6'6" or 198cm. We always book exits if possible, even if its extra. We were happy on our flight back home we found a "second exit row" is "only $45 per person more" so we PAYED it. On our flight we learned row 23 middle is average small row and they wanted another €80 or $100+ per person to "upgrade" we payed extra $90 total for absolutely nothing!!!
Also on our flight to Europe crew was over an hour late without any explanation and we nearly missed connective flight!
But with the extra payments and lies about extra room they really made me mad! Do not pay them and do not fly with them!

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Economy FDF - LAS 06/2018

Don’t fly Condor if you want reliable flights and schedule

It’s one thing to have less space and bare services for a good price but another when you cannot rely on the scheduled flights at all! Only fly...

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Economy FRA - PIT 05/2018 1 reactions

Avoid at all costs

I was flying to an important event when the flight got delayed for 24 hours. I couldn't miss it, so I had to rebook with another company last minute which cost me a fortune. The company's representatives assured me that I may claim this expenses after. However, when I tried to claim it, they just relinquished all liability and refused to honor their verbal agreement. I should have taken a written confirmation, but it was a very stressful day and so I didn't, which was my mistake; however, I think that even verbal agreements should have some value when it comes to such companies. I would not risk flying with them again. Utterly unreliable, in everything.

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Economy YHZ - HHN More than 2 years

Aggravating! Atrocious.! An airline that blatantly does not care about its passengers.

No Condor check in agents at YVR, only substitute agents freelancing from other airlines like Mexico airlines. Agents do their best to appease desperate passengers being told flight is overbooked. Wheelchair bound passengers helpless left at their own .No assistance available. Condor has not registered their request and provided for assistance. Plane delayed at gate and on tarmak. Missed connection in Frankfurt. Crappy food served. Attempts to communicate with Condor by email and phone unsuccessful. No customer service.
On the positive side: toilets, so the smallest ever seen, had sufficient paper towels.

Recommendation: avoid whenever possible.

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Economy YVR - FRA More than 2 years

The worse airline and costumer service

My first and worse experience with Condor airline, stay away from this airline! After more than 3 hours delay in Frankfurt with no explanation, 11 of us lost our connection in Vegas. First of all, Condor airline doesn't have any office in US. Although in Frankfurt they assured us that they will take care of our connection flight, after an hour searching for a representative, a lady told us that Condor never take responsibility for any lost connection!
We had to spend the night in Vegas to find a new ticket the next day.

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Economy HHN - LAS More than 2 years

For the price pretty good

The non-stop flight to the US and back costed about 950€ which was one of the best prices of a German airline for this route and date.

The check-in was fast and without any problems. The plane itself (767-300ER D-ABUK) was about 17 years old which is ok but it was modern and clean.

The plane departed on time and the flight itself was nice, calm and fast. We got 1 warm meal, which was above the average, and some snacks like some bread and chips.

There where 9" screens on every seat and you were abled to watch recent blockbusters like fast and furious or similar. The seats were good, but you could have had a bit more leg room. overall the flight was really smooth.

The flight attendants where nice and helpful. The flight back was delayed by 1 hour, because there was a burning Boeing 777 in Las Vegas on the Runwy, so we couldn't start. It got a bit hot in the airplane because of the hot weather in Las Vegas, but the flight attendants served cooled water. But the rest of the flight was nice.

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Economy FRA - LAS More than 3 years
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