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Value (price + quality) 2,05 / 5
Comfort 2,06 / 5
Costumer service 2,42 / 5
Your opinion of security 2,78 / 5
Food 2,35 / 5
Management of luggage 3,13 / 5
Comfort 2,06 / 5
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Claire W. Worst Customer Service 1/5
Opinions about Condor (Thomas Cook)

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Worst Customer Service

Although the flight was smooth (enough) and I got to my destination, I had the most stressful experience with getting to my destination. For some...

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Economy plus LHR - SJO 08/2016 3 reactions
Claire W.

Avoid this airline - horrible customer service

My father-in-law purchased a business class ticket from BWI to Frankfurt. He is elderly and has health issues that make travel difficult but decided...

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Reply from the airline
Business BWI - FRA 08/2016

Run away from this airline

We decided to give this airline a try and boy are we sorry! We were involuntarily downgraded from business to premium class without any...

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Reply from the airline
Economy plus HHN - AUS 08/2016

Disgusting service - never fly with this company

There were no good aspects to this flight at all!

Rude and very noisy Flight staff, filthy plane - rubbish on seats, in pockets, on floor and no attempt to pick it up, separated kids from parents, lost connecting flight because of condor, no tickets issued, 4 booked and paid for and only 2 booked onto plane with no apology , just get on the plane you holding us up!

Extreme bad customer service, very little english spoken, bad care for older people, etc etc. Never fly with them !

No uk number to ring if you have a problem or complaint.

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Economy GND - FRA 01/2016

My worst experience ever, not even e-tickets issued

No e-tickets issued, almost lost first flight (SFO-Seattle), once I arrived to Seattle there was bad communication, no gate information, rude staff members couldn't help, and I ended losing the flight to Europe in Seattle and nobody was able to help me.

I fly constantly, I'm member of AA, Delta and United mileage programs, couldn't find a suitable flight with them so I decided to try Condor, even the Alaska airlines people told me I shouldn't use them (the first flight was with Alaska airlines and they were helping me at SFO because I had NO e-tickets issued).

This is the first time that I experience this kind of unprofessional and awful organized service. Never use it.

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Economy SFO - BCN 06/2016

Rundown Airplane.

My 1st time with this airline and frankly the type of plane was deplorable for a long flight like ours (10 hours). I’m petite (5’2”) and I had no...

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Reply from the airline
Economy PUJ - FRA 04/2016 2 views

A bad company

It was a very long flight from Frankfurt to San José, with a stop-over in Santo Domingo. We came from Munich and had about 1 hour to change the plane in Frankfurt. But we had to check in a second time. The woman at the desk was very unfriendly and we had to do nearly everything by computer. It was not so easy and explanations were bad.

Than our plane had more than 30 minutes delay (we took off at about 22.30 instead of 21.50). The meals were not very good and it was not possible for an allergic person to get something else on borad.

You have to order in advance and to pay some additional fees for that! Entertainment: a film on a big screen without earphones; for them you have to pay again... I find such things inacceptable, as I already paid 1400 Euros to travel to Costa Rica. The flight attendants were ok.

To sum up: Condor is a bad company, just to be avoided! Never again!

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Economy FRA - SJO More than 3 years

Large improvement in quality from this company

A "low-cost" airline, Condor has really improved in quality thanks to the new cabins on their 767-300er (long-haul) planes. The pitch was very...

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Reply from the airline
Economy MRU - FRA More than 2 years 50 reactions 390 views

8-9 hour flight with my son at the other end of the plane

This was a flight where I asked the airport, and the flight attendants, to be seated next to my son. I got mean responses in German on the plane...

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Economy FRA - PUJ More than 2 years 4 reactions 262 views

A decent flight

The plane was on schedule. Onboard there wasn't much legroom and there were no personal screens (which made the flight a bit boring). The meals were average. The temperature in the cabin was OK, and they made frequent announcements to keep us updated about the flight. Check-in was problem free, but the luggage was a bit scratched at arrival. The cabin crew were decent enough.

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Economy FRA - MLE More than 3 years 5 reactions 67 views

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