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Review of louby about the flight China Southern Airlines between Manchester and Brisbane on 12/12/2018 in Economy
louby CZ / CSN MAN / BNE

i travelled across the other side of the world with my children for xmas with my sister 12/12/18
3 suitcases were checked in to this flight but only 2 suitcases arrived in Brisbane - lost baggage.
i contacted the DNATA daily - sometimes multiple times - shortest was 10 mins longest was 3 hours.
Jumped through hoops, filled out paperwork, all at Xmas, a time for relaxing and enjoying life with my sister.
3 weeks passed without my luggage - lost xmas presents, an invaluable item, my clothes, my shoes, toiletries etc.
Tried emailing the airline - no response
Tried submitting a form with the airline - lost baggage but:Error 404--Not Found
Tried phoning the airline but couldn't get through.
i'm at my wits end and writing a review is the only chance to get what i need - contact!
I've been given the run-around with my insurance now as they can't pay-out until they have a letter stating Airline won't give compensation - but how do i contact them???
6 long arduous months and no way forward.
i'm without clothes
my kids couldn't have xmas present as they were in my lost luggage.
dealing with a messy divorce
insurance won't pay up
precious item was in this missing bag - hand made quilt, took family 5 months to make, with my sisters family names all interwoven.
i even, on the homeward trip sought help in Amsterdam and Manchester regarding my lost luggage, but again 'please contact DNATA', or 'Please contact the airline', the best one yet was 'the luggage serial is not valid?' what the...how is that possible?
i just what my bag back.
on the bones of my bottom and can't see anyway up.
i'm sorry for my frustration and ranting, just nothing working for far so i HAD to write a review in the hope someone would contact me.
please please help me - i'm nearing a breakdown - and no-one will help.

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By louby, about China Southern Airlines,
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