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Lost baggage and can't contact China southern

i travelled across the other side of the world with my children for xmas with my sister 12/12/18 3 suitcases were checked in to this flight but only...

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Economy MAN - BNE 12/2018 1 reactions

Friendly and Efficient

The plane was clean and safe, with good flying (takeoff, landing, etc.), very punctual. The flight crew was friendly and very attentive to the few non-Chinese passengers.

Very large meal with good food despite the short flight (abt. 2h40min), which was buffeted by the wind a little bit.

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Economy CTU - PVG More than 3 years

The worst international trip I never had!

Economic standard seat no extra space for such 5 hours flight. No TV screen. Standard food. Take off one hour late, landed one hour late. No specific information. Boarding standard
Luggage : Not delivered at the arrival, it took two full days to CZ to deliver to Delhi, but like I was in Delhi anymore I had to pay an extra to have my suitcase delivered to my place and wait for an extra day for a one week trip it starts to be long.

The worse is the non assistance from CZ, and even afterward when I do complain thought their customer service they do just apologize, not commercial gesture just we are sorry, this is not acceptable.

Shall I add we did miss our correspondence for this flight because of the late take off from Shanghai ? That we did have to spend one night at the hotel without our luggage because CZ refuse to deliver the luggage arguing the fact it is too complex to reroute the luggage which was already registerd for its final destination.

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Economy CAN - DEL More than 3 years 1 reactions 54 views

A very good airline

We made a round trip (Paris - Canton) flight in economy class to get to Cambodia (our final destination) and we were very satisfied. We were a little wary after some negative reviews but we were happily surprised. There were no delays on any of the flights we took with them (4 in total). The reception was admittedly not too cheerful but very professional nonetheless. The plane was very clean and comfortable, with enough legroom (more even than some more highly-rated airlines). The food was good (in-flight meals are never great but that's not what's important) and drinks were served regularly.
They even passed out a toilet kit.
I would not hesitate to take this airline again in the future.

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Economy CDG - CAN More than 3 years 1 reactions 476 views

A good flight but . . .

Nice flight, nice atmosphere. I recommend it for traveling.

However, there isn't enough space for a person with a large frame. Having played rugby, I'm big, and the seat was too small.

There weren't enough French-language movies for a flight this long: just 4 or 5 movies for 13 hours of flying.
The meal was sufficient in both quantity and quality.
Takeoff and landing were smooth.
Pleasant temperature.
There was little information provided during the flight.
Check-in and boarding took a long time.
They had a good luggage system.
Friendly staff.
Excellent punctuality.

There was a lack of information provided for some travelers. I suffer from sleep apnea and none of the people I asked, whether at the window or before the flight was able to give me a response.

Please make the necessary changes, since I can't be the only one.

It was impossible for me to sleep since I snore due to the apnea, so I'd risk annoying some of the other passengers. Please try to make efforts to remedy this so that the people who need to know can prepare themselves.

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Economy CAN - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions 332 views
Alexandre B.

Easy connection, limited services, luggage arrived late

After a long CDG-CAN flight in a B777-200 with an aging cabin but a nice in-flight service, we arrived in Canton a little ahead of time.

The one-hour-and-twenty-five-minute connection at CAN was easy. A dedicated international connection service is clearly indicated and the CZ crew quickly checks your travel documents before letting you through to the international boarding room.

The CAN airport is modern, practical, and clean. There are many duty-free stores, as usual. They seemed to be building extensions.

The flight to BKK was on a fairly new B737-800. Legroom and cleanliness were normal.
The meal wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t really exceptional for that of an economy class.

The Chinese cabin crew was not very communicative, but they were good. The pilots didn’t communicate with the passengers.
Arrival in BKK was again ahead of schedule.

The biggest problem: the luggage didn’t arrive.
One bag stayed in CDG and the other vanished into thin air. They sent them to our hotel in 24 hours, though.

Of course, we had to spend money on some essentials and I am filing a complaint with CZ. Let’s see what happens.

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Economy CDG - BKK More than 3 years 3 reactions 269 views

A good trip :D

I really enjoyed traveling with China Southern. We made reservations with AirFrance and were redirected to a China Southern flight. On our arrival...

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Economy CDG - PEK More than 3 years 20 reactions 1,3k views
Loic F.

Weather problems: they don't care about their passengers

The problem with CSair is that the airline doesn't do anything to help you if your flight is rescheduled or canceled. I had to work hard to arrive...

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Economy CAN - CDG More than 3 years 10 reactions 1k views

Safety issues

During this flight of China Southern on an old A300, an alarm after the take off was ringing, the plane was not take off at it should do... The stewardess look to each other making strange signs...

After 1-2min this alarm stoped and the plane went up again...

The cabin crew was young and nice, but the catering was really poor and they have only soft drink or water even no Beer or juices...

The flight landed on time.

I would try to avoid China Southern in the future

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Economy SHA - SZX More than 3 years 1 reactions 14 views

Not that nice and not the most cheerful, the East Asians

Direct flight from Ganzu to Paris
The cabin crew were not at all nice.

The baggage was right on the limit, down to the last gram.
Had to unpack the suitcase in front of 200 people in order to make it lighter, basically.
You're lost if you don't understand Chinese or English.

And they say we French are very bad at speaking English. It's going to be hard work, this.
They got the boarding gate wrong twice. We were treated almost like a herd of cattle.
Both the Chinese men and the women were not at all pleasant: the image of Chinese people as always laughing is a false one.

The meal was of limited quality; the coffee was horrible. The toilet left a lot to be desired. The headphones and entertainment systems were outdated. There was nothing interesting to watch, except in Chinese.

In short, I'll go back to using Vietnam Airlines or Etihad next time, even if it means paying more. They are extremely nice to passengers: attentive, helpful, polite and respectful.

Very disappointed with the Chinese.

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Economy CAN - CDG More than 3 years 8 reactions 487 views
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