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Very nice!

The flight was short, but the plane was big. There was even entertainment for this one-hour flight, which was nice. Comfortable seats, generous legroom. They served us a small snack (peanuts, drinks, or a sandwich). The flight attendants were always smiling. The airplane seemed to be brand new to me. I guarantee it, go with this airline!

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Economy HKG - TPE More than 3 years 2 reactions 80 views


A very good airline. The check-in was rapid, the hostesses cheerful. It was a 747-400ER, so quite modern. The seats were wide, legroom was decent, and there was interesting in-flight entertainment. In short, it had all the good things. The meal was delicious. By contrast, the landing was a little bit brutal, which meant I nearly vomited. And as for the baggage at arrival: that was very rapid. I recommend this airline to everyone!

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Economy CDG - HKG More than 3 years 4 reactions 189 views

Excellent flight

Very pleasant night flight on an A340. Good legroom and a nice entertainment system—though there were few French movies.
Takeoff and landing were very pleasant and on time. The cabin crew was friendly but not very active, in my opinion.
The only downside was the meal, which wasn't really at the same level as everything else, but still wasn't anything that would keep me from flying with this airline again.

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Economy CDG - HKG More than 3 years 6 reactions 340 views

Excellent service; this airline lives up to its reputation

This was my fourth long-distance flight with this airline and I am still very satisfied. The plane was a very clean Boeing 777. Nothing to complain...

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Business HKG - CDG More than 3 years 5 reactions 379 views

A very comfortable flight

We took a flight on a Boeing at 11 p.m. Very nice service on board. Attentive flight attendants. The meal was adequate and we really enjoyed the first and then the second glasses of Bordeaux. Also, all night long they regularly passed to bring drinks. Very attentive service in the cabin. Even though I am tall (1.92 m), I had enough legroom! It wasn't a pack-of-sardines flight. We departed from Phnom Penh at 6 p.m. and we were almost intact when we arrived in Roissy. Breakfast was served with no hurry and in good spirits. Thanks again to the crew and bravo to the pilots! We will fly with them again.

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Economy HKG - CDG More than 3 years 5 reactions 184 views

A plane from another era

Uncomfortable broken seats. Nonexistent TVs. Dirty restroom. The cleanliness of the food and drink carts was doubtful. Mediocre meal. The crew was...

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Business HKG - MNL More than 3 years 11 reactions 538 views

No complaints

About a Paris-Sydney roundtrip via Hong Kong The boarding crew was pleasant and attentive. Check-in and takeoff were on time. The cabin crew was...

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Economy CDG - HKG More than 3 years 16 reactions 1,6k views

Rapid service without ever sacrificing quality

It is on short flights that a good crew shows its quality. It is shown by their good organizational skills and the company's ability to offer a high...

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Business CEB - HKG More than 3 years 18 reactions 1k views

Very good airline

For some extra dollars, I could choose between Cathay and Aeroflot and I have to say I don’t regret my choice. The stopovers can be long in Hong Kong (12 hours), but the advantage is that you can visit the city.
The airline is really very respectful towards their clients. The people at the counters were friendly and serious and you could book your seats online and have your boarding pass ready to reduce waiting times.
There were individual screens with a vast selection of films (more than 50), albums, games, etc. Of course, many movies were in English, but about ten French films were also available.
The meals were varied, of average quality but nonetheless good, and included and appetizer.
The Hong Kong airport is very clean, bright, and well organized. This is a very nice airline and I recommend it.

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Economy CDG - NRT More than 3 years 31 reactions 3,2k views

Un peu décevant

Vol long, le boeing 777 n'est pas agréable comparé à l'airbus A350 du vol précédent (vraiment moins de place, difficile de dormir).
La prestation du personnel à été bâclé sur ce vol, repas servi à la va vite,pas d'apéro contrairement au vol Auckland-Hong-Kong, oublie d'une rangée pour le café et le thé, un vol un peu confus pour le service.

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Economy HKG - CDG 10/2019

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