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Absolute Horror!

We booked our flight for April 6. It was changed to April 5 just a week before. Then the time of departure was changed twice and then again delayed...

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Economy SJO - HAV More than 3 years
Paul Smith

Flight itself ok but 17h delay and unfriendly staff

Flight was supposed to leave at 1pm, no delay announced prior to going to airport. Upon arrival at airport they started check in despite not being able to tell us when the flight will actually leave as now it appeared as delayed.

At 4pm they announced, after asking several times, flight will only leave next morning at 7am. We had to wait another 90min for them to arrange a bus to take us to the close by hotel.

At 4.30am we were picked up again and taken to the airport. The flight left with another 1h delay which hadn't been announced. Upon arrival in HAV we had to wait 1hour in the plane before they managed to arrange a bus to take us to the terminal.

Throughout the whole time no information was ever passed on to us which was even worse.

Horrible despite the flight actually being ok.

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Economy SCU - HAV More than 3 years

Spacious and On Time

As on the departure flight, Cubana had subcontracted to Europ Atlantic Airways on a B767 with 350 seats. There were about a hundred travelers so you could travel sleeping on the benches.

No television, very simple meal. We spent a nice night, the crew was friendly, No problems. Pleasant trip.

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Economy HAV - ORY More than 3 years

Roomy and On Time

Direct flight on a B767 (around 350 places), subcontracted to Euro Atlantic Airways (Portuguese Airline). There were only about a hundred passengers so you could stretch out over 2 or 4 seats.
No television and a very plain meal, but no problems.

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Economy ORY - SCU More than 3 years 4 views

30 times at least

I've often traveled with Cubana between Varadero, Havana, Holguin (Cuba) and I love them. I've also already traveled with them from Quebec on a Tupolev 54, and Illouchince 62.
Very good meal and excellent service.
The problem with Cubana is the representatives at the destinations, above all Caribe Sol's.
They want nothing to do with Cubana's customers since they are underpaid. Cubana should change the representatives at their destinations. They've been there too long.
I love Cubana, but I hate Caribe Sol's representatives.

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Economy HAV - YUL More than 3 years 5 reactions 393 views

Never again

We showed up in the lobby at the designated time, 8:30 am, to leave for the airport.

Our flight was at 12:50 pm. At 8:40 am, a representative of Caribsol showed up to announce the first delay. Our flight was now at 5:30 pm. He left as quickly as we arrived, with no explanation.

The only thing was that they had known since the night before.. Then around 9:15 am, the representative came by to announce a second delay. This one was for 9 pm. We had had no explanation and no compensation. Everyone had already checked out, so most of us had to wait in the lobby for the entire day. There was no excuse for any of the airline's actions.

Unsurprisingly, there was no movie on the plane and the takeoff was pretty frightening. I do not recommend them at all.

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Economy YUL - HOG More than 3 years 5 reactions 582 views
Bellamy O.

Never again!

Departure was scheduled for Friday 4 April. An eight-hour delay was announced, then the flight was put back to the following day, then it was cancelled!
No information was provided by the airline. The airline staff were very unpleasant. We were messed around, lied to, and they abused our trust. This airline does not deserve to be trusted.
And you should be aware that ours is not an isolated case: someone from the airline even told us "Ha, well, we often have delays of one or two days, but usually we end up taking off, unlike this time!"!
Not exactly reassuring is it?
The final word on the issue: went to ask Cubana de Aviacion why their plane hadn't taken off. Was it a mechanical problem? No...! Perhaps they're too embarrassed to reveal the real reason? Thank you to the pilot for saving our lives.

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Economy ORY - HAV More than 3 years 6 reactions 365 views

Avoid completely

Departure for Cuba was on April 11. There was almost no delay (1 hour). However, regarding the trip on Cubana de Aviacion, I feel the need to say that my seat was ripped, there was no blanket even though the air conditioning was on high and the meal, if you could call it that, was bad. The flight crew was so unpleasant I wondered why they had chosen the job. They didn't smile at all, or even say hello when we got on the plane. There was no movie during the ten-hour flight. They passed out headsets, which they said were for listening to music, but the music didn't work.

To sum up: if you have to take this airline, I advise you to buy something to eat and drink in the departure lounge before leaving Orly and to bring your iPod and your books to entertain you. In any case, for my part, I will never take Cubana de Aviacion again.

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Economy ORY - HAV More than 3 years 6 reactions 467 views

Disastrous! An airline company to avoid.

We left after a nine-hour delay. There were no excuses on the part of the company.
On board the flight attendants were not friendly at all; we didn't get a smile from them during the entire 12 hours of the flight.

The plane took off at 8:30 pm and at 10:30 pm the plane was completely dark. The personal lights and the headphones for listening to music didn't work, and there was no movie to watch. The flight attendants had gone to bed by this time so you couldn't even ask for a glass of water. In short, an interminable flight. I've traveled quite a lot and this airline is one to avoid since apparently they often have delays and if you have a connecting flight you have a 9 our of 10 change of missing it.

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Economy ORY - HAV More than 3 years 5 reactions 167 views

Flight cancelled

We were supposed to go on the “Perfumes of Cuba” tour and, thanks to Cubana, we visited Orly on Friday and Saturday—April 4 and 5, respectively. There are very often delays with this airline. Our flight was cancelled and there was no trip to Cuba. A big disappointment because we had been looking forward to this trip for months…

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Economy ORY - HAV More than 3 years 9 reactions 206 views
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