Review of kbg about the flight Air China between Beijing Capital and Delhi on 05/11/2016 in Economy
kbg CA / CCA PEK / DEL
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

Been to 50+ countries and this is the most horrifying experience I've ever had.

I was unfortunate enough to have been trapped at Beijing on the 5th of November when the weather caused 494 flights to be cancelled. While Air China cannot control the weather, they can control the horrific customer service provided afterwards.

Here is a list of the things I endured from Air China:

Rerouted to Shenyaung and left on the tarmac for hours without food or water

No food vouchers given at Shenyaung

Stood in line for 4 hours to speak with a customer service rep
Was put on a flight back to Beijing on China Southern because Air China had a mechanical error with their plane.

When I got to Beijing, Air China had given my seat to someone else! No explanation, and wouldn't help me. I have a video of the terrible customer service in Beijing. This caused me to miss my train in Delhi and have to book a last minute flight for $100.
Was forced to stand in line for 7.5 hours in Beijing to speak to another customer service representative.
No hotel vouchers given. I had to sleep on the floor of the Beijing airport like a dog.
No food vouchers given.
Refused to upgrade me on any flights stating that 'economy passengers have to remain economy passengers'.

I will also be contacting Lufthansa, United and every other member of Star Alliance to let them know who they are doing business with.

Never fly with them.

Overall rating
1 / 5
Value (price + quality)
1 / 5
On the ground
Check-in and boarding
1 / 5
On board
Costumer service
1 / 5

Flight pictures

Attaching a picture of the customer service line in Beijing. One rep present to help us.
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By kbg, about Air China, , close to Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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Kristoffer K. replied

Avoid avoid avoid! Avoid at any cost. I was in good time for check in but was refused to let in on the plane. First obstacle was a transit visa to China. China air personnel claimed I can only get a 24 hour transit visa. Had to google to them that i'm allowed a 72 hour transit visa. Next thing they came up with was that I need a visa for my home country. After arguing for an hour they closed the flight. I suspect that they over sold the flight and came up with excuses after excuses not to check in more people. Long story short they wanted me to buy a new flight with them. As if. Never again with that airline! Avoid!

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