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C6 / CJA

Always delayed

Four out of four for Canjet for their delays, which are often of more than one hour. Yesterday it was 1 h 30 min.
And Canjet, as well having uncomfortable planes with no space for the limbs, lower and upper ones in equal measure, provides planes with seriously damaged fittings and equipment. Most of the seats are uncomfortable because they're broken. The various systems only half work and the video screens are rubbish.

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Economy YQB - CUN More than 3 years 14 views

Low cost airline, low cost service

The flight took place without too much turbulence, departed on time and arrived on time. Very little leg room, my five feet and 10 inches and more would have my knees at my forehead. But given the price of the tickets, you have to expect that the plane would have many rows of seats to make the flight profitable. Take out luggage insurance, because my suitcase was completely destroyed, and I had no recourse against CanJet since the airline has a strict policy concerning damaged luggage. The employees at the airport rather made declarations to confirm this to me by showing me the CanJet policies. The cabin crew on the outbound flight didn't seem too happy to be there, polite but without smiles. On the other hand, on the return, it was better. I can't comment on the food because I didn't eat. The other passengers seemed to like it.

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Economy YUL - CUN More than 3 years 5 reactions 90 views

Loss of my golf bag

This was the first time I'd flown in Florida. The plane was packed with young children and the cabin crew were extremely patient with everyone. It was a very nice flight with a gentle landing. By contrast, there was a wait of twenty minutes before we could disembark. And there was a surprise for me at the baggage carousel: My golf bag wasn't there.

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Economy YQB - MCO More than 3 years 4 reactions 49 views

Flight 917 from Varadero on March 15, 2012

Flight 917 from Varadero on March 15, 2012.

One flight attendant spoke only English. The same agent didn't seem normal. He dropped everything and held onto the back of the chair as we went through the plane and complained to another flight attendant that ''it's shaking'' this time in French. He slowed down the service and just laughed. Not reassuring.

Plus, the security demonstrations were done by a stewardess who kept laughing and doubled up several times.

The other flight attendants were perfect.



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Economy VRA - YUL More than 3 years 1 reactions

2 mars 2012. Vol 606. Départ: 6h pile. L'avion était bien parti à l'heure sans difficultés, les consignes de sécurité étaient présentées...

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Economy YQB - MCO More than 3 years 3 reactions 123 views

Nous avons voyagé avec Canjet le 21 décembre pour aller et le 28 pour revenir. Le personnel à bord très gentil rien à dire. Le vol c'est très bien passé sur l'aller nous avions de l'avance à l'atterrissage et nous étions à l'heure pour le retour malgré une tempête à quebec. Le repas était correct vous savez quand vous êtes dans un avion les commodités sont restreintes et nous somme pas là pour de la gastronomie mais dans l'ensemble et moi qui n'aime pas l'avion je dois dire que le personnel à bord fait du bon travail.

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Economy YQB - PUJ More than 3 years

Service professionnel et fiable.

Personnel de bord très poli.
Les 737-800 sont des avions formidable.
Une coupe de champagne. Un verre de vin est également offert avec le repas sur destinations soleil excepté Floride. Vacances transat et Nolitour ont un contrat de location qui a été signé entre les 2 avec Canjet.

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Economy PUJ - YUL More than 3 years 2 reactions

Nous sommes revenus 7 heures plutôt que prévus et le service à bord étaient pourries. Nous avons garder sur notre table les restes de notre repas pendant 40 minutes et plus. Le confort juste passable. Le personnel est très lent.

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Economy VRA - YUL More than 3 years 1 reactions

Nous sommes partie le 21 août pour cuba à holguin. Notre vol était à l'heure avant de partir de la maison. Alors rendu à l'aéroport avec 3h d'avance, nous avions passé les douane quand notre vol a été retardé. Nous avons attendu en toute et pour tout 11h pour un wiper de briser grrr. Nous avons perdu notre journée à cuba. On arrivais là-bas à 13h mais nous sommes parti à 21h. Tout ce qui nous ont donné, c'est 75$ de rabais pour notre prochain voyage mais faut partir avec eux ou air transat, et le billet est bon pour 1 an. Qui dit que dans un an, je vais partir en voyage?

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Economy YUL - SCU More than 3 years
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