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Didn't allow me and my son to board

I had the most horrible experience with this flight. I was boarded in Antigua on August 9, 2019 with no problems, i expend two weeks in Italy, when i was ready to comeback Antigua on August 23, the ticket agent told me that we (me and my son) cannot board in the flight due to the second name not shown in my ticket. I told her i travel with them to italy how come i can't board when i am a tourist ready to go home, they stated that i needed to purchase a new ticket, imaging how i felt with a child and no money at all to purchase a new flight.

I was disappointed and they didn't care. It was like if i was in a nightmare.

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Economy MXP - ANU 08/2019
Lilian F.

Beware of booking scam!

Upon checkin we were made to pay 120 EUR because when we booked we hadn't entered our middle names. The charge for this was 60 EUR each!!! Just...

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Economy TIA - GOA 12/2018 1 reactions


The flight was programmed to depart at 4:45 pm and suddenly without any mail information or any other kind of information they had delayed the flight at 9:10pm. I had to be interested by my self because I did not find the flight on the screen to let me and other people like me know that the flight had been delayed at 9:10 and it did not start again at 9:10 am but 9:35 a half hour more late like it was not enough. The girls on the host sportel were rude and arrogant the worst customer service. I missed an important job meeting for the blame on them and they did not even have the trouble to reimburse me or even be heard.

I will totally not recommended

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Economy TIA - FCO 07/2018

The worst flying company!

Although I had heard many negative replies about Blue Panorama, I thought that maybe people were exaggerating. But no. I couldn't be more wrong. I saw a complain here that people had to pay 60 euros only because they didn't write their middle name. Guess what?! I had to pay the same amount just because I had written my middle name. The help desk girls of course wouldn't help, so in order not to lose the flight I had to pay 69 euros. And I have to do the same for my return ticket.
That's not all. I've had issues for the luggage dimensions, where the same luggage faced not problem with a different airline.
So people, for your own good avoid this airline.

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Economy TIA - VRN 03/2018
Ermir B.

Total scam!!! Never again!!

The airline's way of making money is by making you pay a120€ fine (60€ each way) for not writing your middle while booking your flight, even thought the option was never given during the booking! After going on Tripadvisor I realised that hundreds of people got cheated the same way!! It's nothing less than organised crime and nothing is being done to stop it!!!
It ended up costing me twice as much as flying with a decent airline!!! So this was the first and the last time I ever fly with them!

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Economy TIA - FCO More than 2 years

Angry review

Booked flight in March 2017. We were already on a two-day trip from London given no connection same day to reach Pantelleria so not really in a...

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Economy BGY - PNL More than 2 years 4 reactions

A nightmare!

The outward flight was half an hour late. A woman made a big deal about the bags, even if I had already flown from Geneva to Rome with no problems about baggage dimensions! The return flight was a disaster! Two hours late! I had to buy two Alitalia tickets for 350 euros each to avoid missing the other flight from Rome to Geneva! I highly warn against this airline!

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Economy PMO - FCO More than 3 years 2 reactions 45 views


The outward flight on 04/15/2013 departed with a one-hour delay without explanations or excuses by the airline. On the way back, my carry-on was refused by the airline agent, even though it wasn't a problem on the outward trip. I have traveled with different airlines (Easyjet, American Airlines) with this carry-on without any problems. In addition, some bags that were clearly bulkier than mine passed the flight attendant’s visual inspection. Is this a case of double standard by Blue Panorama? Also, I found the flight attendant’s response to be inappropriate. She said it wasn't her problem and that I could decide not to fly with this airline again, a decision which I intend to keep.

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Economy FCO - NCE More than 3 years 3 reactions 89 views

Rome-Nice flight

My wife and I went on a Nice/Rome roundtrip with this airline.
No problems on the outward flight.… It was fair….
On the way back, our flight was canceled due to a partial strike in Italy. All by ourselves, we had to manage to find a return flight. No assistance, not even advice! We found another flight on the same day, with Alitalia…. It was a little more expensive (normal).
Since the month of November 2011 I have been trying to get compensation…. Registered letters, e-mails, complaints to the Italian civil aviation…. No ANSWER! Finally, after several months, a complaint to the French civil aviation got a response: they proposed to reimburse us for the return flight’s ticket…BUT NO COMPENSATION…. All of our postage costs and procedures, etc…. All of that was more expensive than what they proposed to give us as reimbursement….
I refused it and I will file a complaint….



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Economy FCO - NCE More than 3 years 3 reactions

Blue Panorama holds its passengers hostage

Blue Panorama holds its passengers hostage, with no information during the 4-hour delay of flight BV1770 (Rome-Nice); the airline seems to wait until it has enough passengers to fill its planes (our flight had only 50% of the passengers expected on the 1:00 pm flight). Our arrival in Nice was scheduled for 10:10 pm but we actually arrived at 1:10 am the next morning. Appalling!

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Economy NCE - FCO More than 3 years 2 reactions
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