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Review of Valeriy about the flight Air Baltic between Moscow Sheremetye and Riga on 24/05/2019 in Economy
Valeriy BT / BTI SVO / RIX

The state air company of Latvia operating under airBaltic brand has cooperated with ERV insurance company. They both offer you an insurance policy right when you are booking your non-refundable tickets. By non-refundable airBaltic MEANS it, literally. No chance you can get back a single penny from them. That's why I strongly advise you to purchase a flight cancellation insurance, but never ever do it on their website. I'll explain why on my example below.

Just 5 days before my departure I caught cold and otitis. This is an absolute no-no for travelling, but the health condition was not that serious for hospitalisation. It is simply treated at home, on a sick-leave. Firstly I was not worried much about my tickets because I strongly believed that the insurance I have purchased on their website would cover my flight cancellation losses.

But ERV insurance company said they did not cover such a simple diseases. They only become interested with you when you are on your death order or just seriously injured enough to be hospitalised. They also said they had a separate insurance programme that included the cases of ambulatory illnesses, but it could only be found on their website (can one ever find a single notice about this opportunity on airBaltic booking interface?). So I just wasted my money for the ticket, the new ticket a month later and the useless insurance policy that covered alien intrusion, but not vulgar sniffles.

AirBaltic and ERV, thank your marketers, they do their job of legally stealing money perfectly. They deserve the Christmas bonus.

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By Valeriy, about Air Baltic,
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