Terrible and disaster company also it staff, not client orientated

Review of Julijus about the flight Air Baltic between Riga and Munich on 29/04/2019 in Economy
Julijus BT / BTI RIX / MUC

Terrible and disaster company also it staff, not client orientated. They will get forever my negative opinion about their company, staff behaviors in all the future. As we felt from the personal, which was in contact at the gate, they are without any human understanding or situation evaluation mind, like robots. It is hardly imagine during these ages and times, such a rude follow of the rules without any humanity in evaluation of the being situation. Me and many my other friends (we already started to share our experience) never seen or heard to be happened for other passengers similar situation at the gated in any other airlines.
I believe with accordance to some written Airbatic rules and regulations we were too late or not came into the gates with all other too late passengers standing in the main queue (it is our fault), but the result of the situation was not adequate.
The plane was standing in the place, the doors was open, the passengers were not seated and even standing in the corridor, but at doorsill we were stopped and not allowed to enter, while then started closing the door in front of noses ……it is the worst ever Airbaltic presence and their opinion also service about their clients. It was obvious that allowance us to enter the plane practically would NOT harm any process of the flight.
The time of entering the gates by the last passenger in the main queue, was something around 2-3 minutes before we came up. We came to the gates some 8 minutes before departure time. As the colleague explained to me (whom awaited for me some 7 meters away from the gate) never saw any reaction or interest of the staff to collect all passengers (even WITH made check-in ~1.5 hour before the flight) for the entire flight. It looks like there was no announcement of start boarding (or we really not hear, but hearing many other flights to other destinations), but 99% for sure it was no last call announcement and given at least 1-2 minutes time after to come for late one. The same was confirmed by this strange “robot” staff closing the door in front of noses, also saying "we not have to announce about closing gate and last call to come". Therefore, it looks like Airbatic very not care their clients to be happy, as can happen anything very naturally and not meaning something bad of that.
During my many and periodical flights it had happened that I was really late or it was lost time and I was announced personally to come to the gates, but never was closed quietly the door not allowing few more steps to reach plane. Now it is drastically and rude negative Airbaltics behavior in the present situation.

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By Julijus, about Air Baltic,
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