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Review of msirocka about the flight Air Baltic between Hamburg and Riga on 01/07/2017 in Economy
msirocka BT / BTI HAM / RIX

I recently had flight from Newark to Riga with connection in Hamburg. Arrived at 6:50AM and my flight was scheduled for 8:50AM, so I had almost 2 hours waited at the gate. I had all documents, did check in Newark, only needed to pick up boarding pass at the gate when someone show up! Couldn't print boarding pass in Newark because United and Air Baltic have no agreement, so they only can confirm your check-in, but boarding pass must be picked up at the gate! When lady show up at 8:15 AM she said I'm not registered.. how did I get to Hamburg then? After she said I supposed to get there earlier to get my boarding pass... Earlier? I was there for over an hours and she got there 4 min ago! Then she said flight is overbooked and someone is seating on my seat!!! Ridiculous! No apologies! No alternative options. NOTHING! I had to BUY tickets with LOT to get to my final destination! I would give them 0 star and NEVER fly with them! NEVER !
When I claimed Air Baltic, they said I did not show up for my flight! WOW! In Riga I found out it is normal practice for Air Baltic! Please, save your nerves and money and fly with some other company!

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1 / 5
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3 / 5
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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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1 / 5
1 / 5
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By msirocka, about Air Baltic, , close to Old Bridge, New Jersey, United States
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