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The most terrible company

I recently had flight from Newark to Riga with connection in Hamburg. Arrived at 6:50AM and my flight was scheduled for 8:50AM, so I had almost 2...

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Economy HAM - RIX 07/2017 3 reactions

Cheap in every way except price

Air Baltic will try to charge you for every smallest thing on top of mid range ticket price : luggage, check in, seat selection, food, not even a drink of water on the house.

Seat and access to toilet so far still included.

At least to me this leaves the most unpleasant feeling of beeing fleeced non stop.

By the same flight via another company (for instance Brussels Airlines) and all of a sudden you get more for the same price while on the very same flight. Maybe its time they had a rethink on what kind of impression all this leaves. In my case, I have taken flights with a stop-over choosing over direct flight with these guys.

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Economy RIX - BRU 12/2016
Inga K.

Charging us extra costs for their fault

We received a email from Airbaltic to check in online.

We click on the check in button and it came up with a error about the webpage not responding, all other websites worked and we have internet connection.

We figured like every other airline they could just click on print for the boarding pass so left it. When we got to the airport they said they wanted us to go to a sales desk to buy boarding passes for a total cost of €60. €30 per person. We explained because their poorly built system we couldn't check in even though we followed their rules.

Even though it was clearly there fault they didn't wave the fee and had to charge us.

I am a professional and have a team of staff that work for me who all travel for work. This €60 will cost them many thousands of euros of lost income and all people

I told to I will go out of my way to make sure they don't get mistreated as well.

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Economy BUD - RIX 06/2016 1 reactions

Reasonably priced, but terrible customer services if there is an issue

AirBaltic were a convenient option as they flew directly from Zurich to Riga, but when the flight was cancelled they were incredibly unhelpful. We...

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Economy ZRH - RIX More than 2 years 1 reactions 8 views

One of the worst airlines in the world

Never again! I left at 9 in the morning on a Zurich - Riga - Helsinki flight with Air Baltic. In Riga, I had the unpleasant surprise of learning in...

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Economy ZRH - HEL More than 2 years 4 reactions 305 views

Hassle free Air Sushi

Air Baltic gives you various options when buying your ticket, and not just concerning the seating position or the weight of checked-in baggage: you...

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Economy VNO - RIX More than 2 years 30 reactions 204 views

A problem-free trip

100% satisfied! Departed and arrived on schedule. Sufficient information and announcements provided onboard. The plane was clean and in perfect...

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Economy RIX - BRU More than 2 years 27 reactions 203 views

Cancelled ticket & horrible service

My tickets were cancelled & Air Baltic did not inform me by any channel (no text, not email, no call). I found out they my tickets were cancelled when I was about to board the plane. The staff was really ignorant & seemed pleased with my situation.

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Economy RIX - LGW More than 3 years 1 reactions 10 views
Tadas V.

Avoid connections!

The seats were standard. There was no difference between economy and business classes, and as such there was no one in business class. There was no...

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Economy RIX - CDG More than 3 years 9 reactions 333 views
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