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Good Airline from Tunisia!

I really enjoyed this flight, all the staff members were very polite and helpful.

Even they offer an additional croissant as part of the complimentary breakfast, something that I found really nice.

The staff and the pilots are very nice toward the passengers.

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Economy FRA - TUN More than 3 years 1 reactions

A good airline

A good airline, NTR. The flight crew was friendly and professional. This was the first time that we took Nouvelair and we'd take it again without hesitation. It's too bad that there was no meal included in the flight.

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Economy ETZ - DJE More than 3 years

Good for a low-cost airline

Check-in and registration at Paris CDG were pretty fast.

Comfort level: The seats and the space were pretty good for a 2-hour flight on a low-cost airline.

The plane was pretty new. There was a small snack cart (which cost money) offered by the company. Their sandwich wasn't very fresh and their drinks were OK. We took off and landed on time.

Conclusion: for a low-cost airline it's bot bad. On the other hand, when we claimed our baggage in Tunisia, it was ruined.

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Economy CDG - DJE More than 3 years 1 reactions 3 views

Good flight (BJ314)

Check-in took place on time. Boarding was also on time, though the plane (registration: TS-INA) took off 30 minutes behind schedule. The cabin crew were not very cheerful.

The plane was clean, though the seats were too cramped: you can't even move your legs. There was no entertainment onboard except for two magazine titles.

The safety demonstration was performed physically by the cabin crew. Everything has to be paid for onboard, even though this is a regular scheduled flight. We weren't provided with any information about the flight during the journey.

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Economy TUN - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions 79 views

Very good flights, both outbound and return

We flew from Lyon to Djerba and back again without experiencing a single problem. The plane was new and clean and the cabin crew were cheerful and helpful. Incidentally, you do have to pay for the food and drinks onboard.
As for punctuality, the flights were completely on time; we even arrived at destination ahead of schedule!

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Economy LYS - DJE More than 3 years 2 reactions 78 views

Lost property problem

We accidentally left a scuba diving folder at the check-in desk. The document was found on the 16/08/2014 and sent to Nouvelair's baggage claims department.

When we telephoned them, they assured us they'd be able to send us the folder once they'd received an email from us.

We sent them the requested email but haven't heard a thing since.
We've tried in vain to contact them. The folder in question is of no value to anyone.

It contains diving documents that are very important to their owner. We find the airline's attitude deplorable.

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Economy DJE - BRU More than 3 years 2 reactions 130 views

Trip to visit family

Hello, On 7/27/2014, I took a trip to visit my family. I showed up at the Monastir Habib Bourguiba Airport at 8:15 am. Check-in was very fast...

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Economy plus MIR - CDG More than 3 years 5 reactions 451 views

Lack of friendliness

The flight itself went well.
I had an aisle seat for for the whole trip, satisfactory.
On the other hand the aircraft, Airbus A320, was rather loud. The flight crew was not friendly, same for the stewards and stewardesses. Above all, everything on board cost extra so I don't understand this attitude. I didn't have a choice this time, but if I have to go back to Tunisia I will not take this airline again.

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Economy CDG - DJE More than 3 years 2 reactions 159 views

Good flight (CDG - DJE)

To get to us to Djerba, our tour operator, Marmara, used Nouvelair Tunisia. Departure was from Terminal 3 at CDG. The planes were a recent Airbus...

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Economy CDG - DJE More than 3 years 39 reactions 1k views

Low-cost flight conditions for a normal price in a Jet Tours package

This was in a round trip flight as part of a package from Jet Tours for a family week in Hammamet.

What I remember:

* Departure from Lille was at 8:50 pm on Sunday, while the initial schedule given at the time of purchase was around 10 in the morning, which meant a lost day of vacation (the tour operator hid behind the fact that it was a charter flight).
* The final schedules were nevertheless followed on the departure and return flights.
* The seats were uncomfortable with no legroom.
* The "meals" were the worst that I'd ever had on a plane.
* On the departure flight a stewardess settled into one of my daughters' seats and didn't bother to move for 10 minutes.

In short, mediocre services and a real feeling of being wronged by Jet Tours since, even if it means traveling on a low-cost airline, next time I will buy tickets on the internet rather than go through a Tour Operator that makes you think you will be getting good service.

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Economy LIL - NBE More than 3 years 3 reactions 273 views
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