Bad Company, scam passenger

Review of las about the flight Flybe BE1376 between Amsterdam and London City on 23/01/2019 in Economy
las BE / BEE AMS / LCY

Bad company, who use to scam his customers.
I flight for business over 200 time per year, in different regions and countries.
I used Flybe, from September 2018 for flight from London to Amsterdam and back.
I want to specify i had my hand luggage with standard cabin size 55x35x20, without possible to extend, and without any front/side pockets.
In my last trip, from London to Amsterdam on 22 January 2019, i had not any problem, but some customers had been fined 50 pounds for oversize luggage (also if they had Flybe blue strip for certify luggage).
When I back from Amsterdam on 23 January 2019, had same surprise.
They want charge me 70 euros, for oversize luggage, when my luggage was same, and enter in their test container.
I called local police, because they don't permit me to enter on aircraft.
I understand policy, but fine people because flight have not space in lockers is too much.
Indeed in both my flight (26 person from London to Amsterdam and 25 from Amsterdam to London), all lockers was empty, and all customers had normal standard cabin size bag (what I saw with my eyes, but if fro Flybe, charge 50 pound is moral ok.
As i explained, my luggage is size that they have in their website, but they don't care.
Also i discovered after that, company is in loss, near to bankrupt, and had been sold to Virgin Atlantic Group, and now they try to take easy money from customers.

If need i have all pictures then i can proof that.
I will never flight more with this company, i prefer pay a bit more with company as BA, then risk to pay over 100 pound in one roundtrip travel, for incompetent staff.
Also they are very rude, and not accept to speak and resolve problems.


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By las, about Flybe,
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