2 hour flight delay=missed connection=forced to buy fresh rail tickets - 150 Euros!

Review of DontflyB about the flight Flybe between Birmingham and Lyon on 02/08/2018 in Economy
DontflyB BE / BEE BHX / LYS

Upon landing at Birmingham (from Aberdeen) discovered that the flight to Lyon was delayed by over 2 hours. No explanation given at any time. We'd allowed two and a half hours connection time to get the shuttle train from Lyon airport to Lyon Part Dieu rail station to catch our pre-booked, first-class TGV seats to Avignon. Flybe arrived 2 hours late in Lyon, (with just a perfunctory apology from cabin crew), and despite running with our baggage in 38 degree heat, we just missed the TGV leaving Lyon. This meant we had to buy fresh TGV tickets (only second-class available) to Avignon - 102 Euros - and fresh tickets from Avignon TGV station to Avignon central - 45 Euros. Plus having to wait around for another hour in the stations.
Emailed Flybe on arrival - got no reply.
Ten days after arriving back home (3 weeks after this debacle, and despite another email reminder) had still had no contact from Flybe. When I eventually got through on the phone to Flybe "Customer Service" (surely a joke name), they didn't want to know. Phoney apologies + referral to small print is all you'll get. A final word to the wise - I would advise making yourself comfortable, with hot drinks and sandwiches if you try to phone Flybe, they appear to be permanently "experiencing a high volume of calls" (wonder why) and semi-permanently short-staffed due to staff training.
Won't be flying with them again - should have checked the reviews before booking.

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