Horrendous Flight

Review of Div222 about the flight Flybe between Southampton and Duesseldorf on 12/12/2017 in Economy
Div222 BE / BEE SOU / DUS

Never mind the restricted baggage policy, I'm more concerned about the Q400 itself. It feels like bolsa wood flying against a hurricane. We had 'turbulence' - I actually think the plane hit something because it lurched, dropped down, then upward most unexpectedly on more than three occasions. One man fell over in the aisle, another had hot drink slopped all over him, I thought were were going to plummet and I wasn't the only one.
Both take off and landing felt like the pilot was driving a racing car - it was awful.
Not one word mentioned by pilot or staff. I spent the remainder, half an hour, of the flight terrified to the extent that I'd never fly again (after 38 years of having no problem flying at all).
There was no way I was going to set foot in a Q400 again so at the cost of £450 we returned from Germany via BA - superb flight, facilities and service needless to say - to another airport and then a taxi to Southampton.
That was an expensive holiday. Thanks for nothing Flybe.
Its a damn shame because the airport itself is lovely.

Why is this aircraft not being investigated? There were at least 4 incidents in 2017 reported in the news.

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1 / 5
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3 / 5
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3 / 5
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By Div222, about Flybe, , close to Gloucester, England, United Kingdom
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