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Best Budget Airline 2017, 2018 and beyond

My family and I switched to Flybe in a bid to avoid Ryanair and it's the best decision we ever made. We used to fly to London Stansted but we switch...

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Economy DUB - SEN 06/2018
Mama Caoimhe

Avoid if you have a choice

I fly weekly and only ever take flybe if there are no other options. The latest issue is the last straw. Today I needed a quick exit from the plan to get to an appointment. I paid for seat 1b and all was fine. Checked in...still fine (other than the online system failing and me needing to resort to printing my own boarding pass). Get to the gate and they have moved my to the back of the plane. No apologies and no refund. Apparently it's a me problem not a flybe problem.

On the plane the seats are very uncomfortable...worn out. Aircon is almost non existent.

Annoncemennts are uninformative...left sitting with no aircon in the heat for 15 min without explanation.

And all this for more money than your average b7dget airline

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Economy DUB - SOU 06/2018
Karl D.


Utterly dreadful organisation of passengers and total lack of communication with them, some of whom were delayed by more than 27 hours with little in terms of compensation offered except for a hotel room.
Online check-in dysfunctional, chaos at MXP check-in desk, after boarding the plane (operated by Bulgarian Airways) stood still for more than 90 minutes, no announcements at all, let alone explanations or apologies.
The toilets wouldn't flush then the plane was landed in LGW where it took an hour before passengers could disembark. A coach was arranged for onward journey to Southend and we were lucky enough to find a representative (not of Flybe) who took us to the coach.
Avoid at all costs - a disgrace of the highest order: heads should roll!

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Economy MXP - SEN 05/2018

Do you love being verbally abused? Then you'll love Flybe.

I was verbally abused by a Flybe ticket agent in Amsterdam. I was flying KLM to Dublin from Salt Lake City and I had a layover in Amsterdam. My...

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Economy AMS - DUB 03/2018 4 reactions

Horrendous Flight

Never mind the restricted baggage policy, I'm more concerned about the Q400 itself. It feels like bolsa wood flying against a hurricane. We had...

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Economy SOU - DUS 12/2017


6hr delay due to apparently technical problems but I am note sure what to believe with this outfit. Too much to share on the catalogue of subsequent issues. Showed up Flybe for what they really are, a shambles with a total disinterest in there passengers and concerning maintenance of their aircraft

Aircraft appear dated. Seating is 2 x 2 which is good
No entertainment apart from watching the aircrew performance
Food - 2nd customer to be asked following start of service and no sandwiches.
Plane was cold in both direction - probably saving money on the heating or it probably broke like a lot of other things seemed
Captains info - minimal but no problem prefer them to concentrate on flying plane and getting where we are going safe and efficiently
Check In in Prague was a complete joke. - Ground staff poor
Flight attendants - poor.

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Economy PRG - SEN 12/2017

Cancelled Flights

I had booked a holiday for two to Berlin for sightseeing and to see the Christmas markets.
Our flight, BE4421, was to leave Doncaster/Sheffield on Monday, 04/12/2017 at 18:30.
At approx, 13:00 that afternoon we received news that my mother-in-law had a stroke. Obviously, we went to the hospital and missed the flight.
At 00:18 on Tuesday 05/12/2017 I received an email informing me that both flights had been cancelled, return flight BE4422 on Monday 11/12/2017,
I was told that Flybe automatically cancel all flights if you're a no-show for any flight. I was also informed that I was due no refund.
I wonder how much Flybe got for the seats I had already paid for the return journey?

My mother-in-law is doing ok!

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Economy DSA - TXL 12/2017 1 reactions

Appalling Customer Services - avoid at all costs

Flybe has an appalling customer service and try at all costs to squeeze more from customer. In most cases you can't change your flight online within 36h of your flight (i.e. if the check-in has been made) and they phone service operate reduced hours. Result, if you have an emergency in the evening and need to change your early morning flight, forget about it, you will be given a no-show and completely lose your ticket. They won't even let you pay a fee, the booking is wasted.

My son had to be taken to A&E overnight and I tried to change my flight at 1am. Flybe won't let you do it: neither online or over the phone are available. I emailed Flybe be during the night I called customer services the next day. I then emailed Flybe the doctor's prescription as requested and still received a "Sorry, there's nothing we can do, your ticket is voided".

Recommendation: do like many others and just avoid this terrible airline. If not for the tiny planes, bad in-flight service or the minimal overhead storage, do it for the appalling customer services.

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Economy ABZ - LCY 09/2017
Davi Q.
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