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Appalling Customer Services - avoid at all costs

Flybe has an appalling customer service and try at all costs to squeeze more from customer. In most cases you can't change your flight online within 36h of your flight (i.e. if the check-in has been made) and they phone service operate reduced hours. Result, if you have an emergency in the evening and need to change your early morning flight, forget about it, you will be given a no-show and completely lose your ticket. They won't even let you pay a fee, the booking is wasted.

My son had to be taken to A&E overnight and I tried to change my flight at 1am. Flybe won't let you do it: neither online or over the phone are available. I emailed Flybe be during the night I called customer services the next day. I then emailed Flybe the doctor's prescription as requested and still received a "Sorry, there's nothing we can do, your ticket is voided".

Recommendation: do like many others and just avoid this terrible airline. If not for the tiny planes, bad in-flight service or the minimal overhead storage, do it for the appalling customer services.

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Economy ABZ - LCY 09/2017
Davi Q.


Flew from Doncaster. One female ground crew removing cases by the dozen. Most 1 to 2 cm more than specified and then charging additional baggage...

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Economy DSA - AGP 11/2016 2 reactions

Horrible experience

Absolutely horrible experience with Flybe.

I booked a flight from London to Groningen weeks before the departure and arrived at the airport 3 hours before departure. The flight was delayed by 2 hours due to unexplainable cabin crew issues. I ended up spending the entire Christmas Day at the airport with no vouchers or compensation or information about the delay. I missed my family Christmas dinner and will never fly with Flybe again!

Do not book flights with this company- zero customer service.

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Economy SEN - GRQ 12/2016
Simone T.

Perfect for a Low-Cost Airline.

After reading other reviews, mostly negative, we weren't sure about making reservations with this airline.

We still bought our tickets with flybe and we were completely satisfied.

There was no delay, no cancellation and the crew was charming. The service we got was exactly what you would expect from a standard low-cost airline (and once again we didn't take the bus to get to the terminal).

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Economy CDG - CWL 08/2016

Flight home

A nice flight that followed the flight plan perfectly. It took around 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Geneva from Helsinki. The service was a hair better than the departure flight. It was like the flight of the living dead, everyone was so exhausted lol.

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Economy HEL - GVA More than 2 years 1 reactions 39 views

Low-cost is low-cost

This was a pleasant flight that followed the flight plan. It took about 2h30min to get a flight from Tokyo to Helsinki. On the other hand, the level...

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Economy GVA - HEL More than 3 years 3 reactions 182 views

Effectively replaced Air France

I took a Flybe flight between Paris CDG and Manchester, replacing another flight that was during an Air France strike, and I didn't regret it. It was a small plane (Embraer 175) but pretty recent. I also had enough space for my legs, despite being tall, but having an aisle seat probably helped also.
When it comes to onboard service, it has to be mentioned that the staff does not speak French, even on flights in partnership with AF (which was the case with my flight). The menu offered is mostly snacks, and if you just want some coffee (Starbucks), that's no problem.
The biggest negative point, which nevertheless turned out well and can be explained by the fact that the plane was filled to the maximum (because of the strike), is that the carry-on luggage had to be checked, which was stressful. There was some more stress when the luggage arrived on the carousel, but in the end there was no damage to complain about.
Apart from that, the trip went off without a hitch, and even the turbulence they announced was very limited.

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Economy CDG - MAN More than 3 years 10 reactions 195 views

Flight to Birmingham

Departure was from from CDG with access to the Air France lounge at 2E Gate K. Two months of construction and one month of strikes have led to...

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Economy CDG - BHX More than 3 years 7 reactions 242 views

Awful service

We departed on time from Paris. The ground crew was nice during check-in, but it was impossible to check the bags directly to Reykjavik - we would...

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 5 reactions 222 views
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