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Worst airline ever

Flybe reduced the hand luggage size before the flight without any proper notice, provided their staff with luggage measurement units which were even smaller than the new sizing, and forced every single person with a hand luggage on the flight, no matter the size (about 50 people at least) to dish out £50 to board the plane. Not only this is against consumer rights, but it also goes against antitrust laws as the true hidden cost of the flight was forcefully push to nearly double what the ticket at the time of purchase cost, hence exerting unfair competition against competitor airlines in the and route.
Furthermore the staff at the gate refused to provide passenger with a legal receipt showing the item of purchase for the £50 charge.
An utterly despicable airline with zero ethics: avoid at all cost!

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Economy ABZ - LHR New

2 hour flight delay=missed connection=forced to buy fresh rail tickets - 150 Euros!

Upon landing at Birmingham (from Aberdeen) discovered that the flight to Lyon was delayed by over 2 hours. No explanation given at any time. We'd...

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Economy BHX - LYS 08/2018

Dont fly with flybe

I landed in East Midlands Airport 4 days ago and quickly realized my luggage was not there. Went to customer service and was told to fill out a report sheet and that they’d get back to me shortly. FOUR DAYS later they have still not tracked my suitcase, have not bother calling me, and have not bothered emailing me wth updates. I had to be the one who is making the regular calls to them asking to be updated on the situation. The customer service agents seem extremly incompetent and indiffarent to the fact that I am stranded in a foreign countey with no cloths, and no necessities to get by. Tomorrow I have to take a train to another city, and my suitcase is still not tracked and I have not been reassured that there’s some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.
Thia is extrmely upsetting and has ruined my entire vacation trip.
I will NEVER fly wih them again and will recommend that everyone else stay clear of them as well.

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Economy YYZ - EMA 08/2018

If you don’t care when you arrive, maybe Flybe is for you

I have never flown on time with Flybe yet. It is the most unreliable airline I have ever had the misfortune of using.

The route Southend- Cologne is perfect for me. But unfortunately I will change back to Stansted and Ryanair. The extra cost and time traveling to Stansted and putting up with the horrible airport (Stansted is awful), is still hugely preferable to the dreadful service Flybe offers.

Yes... it’s true! Even Ryanair is better. Even Ryanair from an awful airport is better...

Such a shame

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Economy SEN - CGN 08/2018

Never Ever Again

The outbound flight to Amsterdam was disastrous. My husband and I were due to leave East Midlands Airport at 1pm. We finally left at 5.15pm, which...

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Economy EMA - AMS 07/2018 1 reactions
Julie Hoyle

Best Budget Airline 2017, 2018 and beyond

My family and I switched to Flybe in a bid to avoid Ryanair and it's the best decision we ever made. We used to fly to London Stansted but we switch...

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Economy DUB - SEN 06/2018
Mama Caoimhe

Avoid if you have a choice

I fly weekly and only ever take flybe if there are no other options. The latest issue is the last straw. Today I needed a quick exit from the plan to get to an appointment. I paid for seat 1b and all was fine. Checked in...still fine (other than the online system failing and me needing to resort to printing my own boarding pass). Get to the gate and they have moved my to the back of the plane. No apologies and no refund. Apparently it's a me problem not a flybe problem.

On the plane the seats are very uncomfortable...worn out. Aircon is almost non existent.

Annoncemennts are uninformative...left sitting with no aircon in the heat for 15 min without explanation.

And all this for more money than your average b7dget airline

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Economy DUB - SOU 06/2018
Karl D.


Utterly dreadful organisation of passengers and total lack of communication with them, some of whom were delayed by more than 27 hours with little in terms of compensation offered except for a hotel room.
Online check-in dysfunctional, chaos at MXP check-in desk, after boarding the plane (operated by Bulgarian Airways) stood still for more than 90 minutes, no announcements at all, let alone explanations or apologies.
The toilets wouldn't flush then the plane was landed in LGW where it took an hour before passengers could disembark. A coach was arranged for onward journey to Southend and we were lucky enough to find a representative (not of Flybe) who took us to the coach.
Avoid at all costs - a disgrace of the highest order: heads should roll!

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Economy MXP - SEN 05/2018

Do you love being verbally abused? Then you'll love Flybe.

I was verbally abused by a Flybe ticket agent in Amsterdam. I was flying KLM to Dublin from Salt Lake City and I had a layover in Amsterdam. My...

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Economy AMS - DUB 03/2018 5 reactions
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