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Review of Isaac111 about the flight British Airways between London Heathrow and Dubai on 21/12/2018 in Economy
Isaac111 BA / BAW LHR / DXB

Our flight BA109 to Dubai. It was delayed that’s understandable. We get on the flight all is ok until my son who’s 6 and autistic, wanted to watch a kids movie. His port didn’t work at all. We even had an extension device borrowed from a head steward, nope nothing. Someone else comes over and say you can swap seats with your child so he can watch a movie... what about the adult??? Then the option is given we could share and watch a movie on my wife’s screen??? Again our child is 6 yrs old?? So there’s no portable screen to borrow. Then my wife’s window seat is stuck at a position which was not normal and for a person to sit upright. Nor did it recline, so she sat in her broken seat the whole 8 hrs journey. So my son decided he wanted to sleep and guess what the arm rest on my wife’s side is floppy and didn’t stand up right so she has to hold it whilst my son tried to sleep across her lap under the broken arm rest. A little soft pillow was given to elevate the pressure of holding this for the whole journey but what a madness. I then grab my blanket which was wrapped in a plastic bag as clean, and it’s covered in what I believe is dried male body fluid... disgusting. I showed the head steward this and she also agreed it was definitely something that should not have been bagged up for a paying customer or otherwise. A complain was logged by the head Stewart, after complaining to BA, their response was - sorry and we would give you 5000 avoid points. Basically add salt on to injury.
On our return on 4 Jan, we were not able to upgrade neither as extra payments nor able to use all my memrship Avios points and we were not able to change seat as we were put at the end of the plane next to the toilets. I am disgusted at the level of service and the luck of any quality that a paying customer deserve.

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By Isaac111, about British Airways, , via its phone
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