Pleasant flight in a newly refreshed cabin

Review of Ash Hinton about the flight British Airways BA1324 between London Heathrow and Newcastle on 06/12/2014 in Economy
Ash Hinton BA / BAW LHR / NCL
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Upon boarding this short flight from London Heathrow to Newcastle it was immediately obvious that the Airbus A320's cabin had been recently refitted. Leather Ricardo style seats throughout, with the now familiar way of storing the inflight magazines in a pocket high up to generate that little bit more legroom, not that seat pitch would be an issue, plenty of room even though I'm 6ft tall. We had the opportunity to chat with a member of cabin crew about the refit while the first officer completed visual wing de-icing checks from within the cabin. Soon enough we were strapped in for takeoff and after a long taxi from terminal 5 out to the westerly runway 27L we began our take-off roll, becoming airborne quickly in the lightly loaded A320. Cabin service was friendly & attentive, living up to BA's usual high standard. A short while later we were descending towards Newcastle and sitting on the left we were treated to a lovely clear view of North & South Shelds as we flew out over the North Sea past Tynemouth before turning left onto finals at Newcastle, landing on time. Yet another pleasant flight from British Airways.

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By Ash Hinton, about British Airways, , close to United Kingdom, via its tablet
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  • Our Airbus A320 to Newcastle
  • Over Tynemouth & Sheilds
  • Mood lighting
  • New seats, they even smelled new as the cabin had not long been refitted.
  • Cabin recently refitted, brand new comfy seats.
  • Storage pocket designed to provide more legroom.

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