Appalling customer care on their new Chengdu to London route

Review of Maureen Corish about the flight British Airways between Chengdu and London Heathrow on 24/05/2014 in Economy plus
Maureen Corish BA / BAW CTU / LHR
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

•Were due to fly back from Chengdu direct to Heathrow – on Saturday 24th May on flight BA88.

• Were sent a text and email saying out flight was delayed leaving from 15.10 to 19.10 - no explanation – annoying but liveable with!

•Then sent another email and text saying “Sorry flight BA88 ON 24 May cancelled” there was a Chinese number to call or we were to contact our booking agent.

•Managed to contact our booking agent who was very helpful but unable to do anything regarding a cancelled flight as it was an issue at BA’s end and therefore BA’s responsibility.

•Rang the Chinese BA number given in the text and email; incredibly it was closed until the Monday morning!

Two travellers now effectively stranded in Chengdu with no help, advice or guidance via email or telephone from the airline as with helplines in UK and China closed over weekend.

We scoured the BA website to no avail, we noticed it is very keen to sell the benefits of flying with BA but less keen to offer practical help or advice in problematic situations caused by the airline.

Given we had no advice telling us what to do, the only option we could had was to cancel the flight (that was cancelled anyway) with BA via our booking agent and book a flight with Etihad via a Abu Dabi,(most direct and cheapest flight we could find) a much longer route but they got us back to the UK in time and certainly flew and served us!

On our return we mailed British Airways to express our dissatisfaction and we received this bland reply.

You say
"I would like to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I want to reassure you that your feedback is taken seriously. Your email is a meaningful indicator of how our most valued customers are feeling and I have passed on a copy to our Customer Experience team for review. They look into the feedback we have received from our customers and take measures to enhance each and every aspect of our service."

Our booking agent who you tell us we need to go through to claim our refund tells us

“I have chased BA several times over the last week and have eventually managed to speak to someone this morning. They have very unhelpfully advised that the refund process takes approximately 5-6 weeks and that the refund amount will only be advised when the refund itself is processed.”

So again to summarise

• BA cancelled our flight on day of departure

• Gave no explanation

• BA left us stranded

• BA slowly repsonded to initial complaint and have now stopped respodning to emails

• To add insult to injury BA is holding our money and being tardy in refunding us, leaving us out of pocket for the alternative flight and the one we had booked and paid for.

To Fly. To Serve - Is not what we experienced. BA didn’t fly and certainly didn’t serve!

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By Maureen Corish, about British Airways, , close to United Kingdom
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