BA A380: a success

Review of Daff about the flight British Airways 268 between Los Angeles and London Heathrow on 11/03/2014 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Return flight from LAX to LHR onboard their new A380

To begin with, we boarded from the new Tom Bradley Terminal, and what an achievement it is! Brand new, very well organised, not over-crowded, lots of light, clean, plenty of departure boards, with amenities too. And the boarding gate area is the same as well. Boarding was a little ahead of schedule, and very quick.

Boarded via a high boarding bridge as we'd opted for economy seats on the upper deck. Once inside, we found everything was brand new, well lit and clean. And then we arrived at our seats! The new design is a success and the seats are very comfortable. The advantage of economy window seats on the upper deck is that there's more storage space between the seat and the window, which is a very good thing.

We left on time and it was a smooth take-off. It's at this point you discover that the plane is very quite! The in-flight entertainment system is very good, and the screen of a very high standard.

The cabin crew were always present and available to serve, and the meals were rather good. In the middle of the flight (when most people were sleeping) the cabin crew served ice cream (something American Airlines don't do). Breakfast was served before landing too.

The temperature inside the plane is maintained automatically: no more little personal ventilation units. Just to note: the toilets are huge, with automatic washbasins.
The windows are gigantic as well, compared to other aircraft of the same type.

The only thing I didn't like about the plane was the autopilot system, which made the plane swing and/or pitch, spoiling the flight for some people, myself included. As a consequence, we didn't completely enjoy the flight; then again, this is a well known problem when flying on these A380s.

Landed half an hour ahead of schedule, and disembarkation was very relaxed.

In summary, the British Airways A380 is a success :)

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By Daff, about British Airways, , close to Monaco
Posted online by HappyFlight, on 15 March 2014
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Un PNC m'avait expliqué que sur tous les a380, Airbus leur a intégré un système censé éviter les sois disant trous d'airs. Et sous l'effet de ce système, l'avion ne suis pas une trajectoire "droite", il tangue en permanence (variations de l'altitude).
Et sur ce vol la, j'avais également l'impression que l'a380 balançait un petit peu, des petits coups sur la gauche, puis sur la droite, un peu comme un bateaux.

Troubled replied

I flew on ba 268 from los angeles to heathrow on 30th september and what a very uncomfortable flight it was. The temperature that was supposed to be controlled wasn't and lots of us at the back on the lower deck-we were sat in 40j 40k-sat with our coats on; but the main reason for a flight from hell was that everytime anyone went to the toilet the flush was so loud no-one could sleep. Even a lady who wore hearing aids thought it was very loud even though she had taken her hearing aids out. I will definitely think twice before flying on a A380 again.

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