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Worst travel of my life

So disappointed of BA and Virgin services. I can even say one of the worst travel of my life. I just come back from NYC 3 major incidents happened...

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Economy CDG - JFK 04/2016 10 views

Very disappointed by the delay!

Because of Christmas time, we planned a lot of time to go to the airport and to pass the security. Everything was fine. Except that the flight has been delayed of 1h30min...

We have been informed that our plane had a technical issue and they had to wait a plane from Luxembourg. What surprised me is that I was informed from the beginning of the day that my flight will be delayed.

BA was not really honest on this one.

Apart of the delay, the flight was good and the arrival in Lyon was perfect.

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Economy LHR - LYS 12/2015


An other good flight with BA! The flight was a bit late, we started to board when the flight should have taken off. We arrived to London 25min late...

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Economy LYS - LHR More than 2 years 3 views

A peaceful flight to London

Left Nice on time with boarding that was easy, quick and pleasant. The flight crew was welcoming, smiling and efficient with the small snack and...

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Economy NCE - LGW More than 2 years 27 reactions 85 views

Pleasant flight in a newly refreshed cabin

Upon boarding this short flight from London Heathrow to Newcastle it was immediately obvious that the Airbus A320's cabin had been recently...

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Economy LHR - NCL More than 2 years 1 reactions 14 views
Ash Hinton

Great flight with a little delay...

The seats were comfortable and I remeber I watched best ever Scott's movie "Man on fire". The meal wasn't so great... but which airplane meal is?
The landing / take off procedures were not a problem.

There was a little delay... but the main problem was to recollect the baggage at the airport.

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Economy LHR - EWR More than 3 years 1 reactions 8 views
Marco B.

Made up the time. Good service from BA.

This flight from Athens back to London Heathrow was showing up as slightly late by about 10-15 minutes, but departed on time and landed slightly...

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Economy ATH - LHR More than 2 years 1 reactions 28 views
Ash Hinton

Pleasant flight, attentive crew

Although one of the slightly older aeroplanes in BA's fleet, this trip on a Boeing 767 from London to Athens was still very pleasant with boarding, pushback & flight all on-time and serviced by very attentive, friendly, cabin crew. The business class cabin featured the usual better seating, meal & drinks choices, priority boarding & lounge use. The forward cabin is also a little quieter, being at the front of the aircraft and far enough away from the engine intake fans.

A lovely flight made even better by choosing to upgrade to business class as treat to start off our city break in a little more style.

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Business LHR - ATH More than 2 years 1 reactions 8 views
Ash Hinton

British Quality

Check in at CDG in the junction hall between 2A and 2C. No queue but a professional welcome at the Club Europe desk. There is no official priority...

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Economy CDG - LHR More than 2 years 2 reactions 29 views

Nice and short

Really confortable seat but little old. Too old magazine and entertainment Many choice fro the drink but really too small (no more that a glass)...

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Economy LHR - ORY More than 3 years 1 reactions 8 views
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