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B2 / BRU

My depression

I flew to Minsk for five visa-free days. With me, I had a small purse with a purse and documents. All my things, clothes, hygiene products, souvenirs were in the luggage. In Minsk, the weather changed, it was very cold and I fell ill. Several times I tried to call the number at the airport, but no one picked up the tube, or was busy. Today is the fourth day, no baggage. Tomorrow morning, I'm leaving. Without everything.
Everyone knows that in Europe there are no such prices as in Belavia. for this amount that I paid for the flight, they did not return my things to me, ignored all my calls and provided me with a depressive condition.

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Economy CDG - MSQ 06/2018

Avoid at all costs. Terrible airline with no accountability.

Flights was 12 hours late due to their rickety old airplane being deemed unfit to fly. That's just the way it is, they said. Backstory: Needed to...

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Economy IEV - LED More than 2 years

Terrible airline - flights are delayed with no real reason.

Our flight was significantly delayed because of "weather conditions at the destination airport". Well, I checked the arrivals in our destination airport and figured that there were at least 5 other airlines landing at the same time with no issues. Only our flight was delayed, because (as I guess) they put a small plane that cannot tolerate any deviations in weather.
The Belavia manager at the airport was absolutely unhelpful and even didn't try to solve this situation. In conclusion I really advise to never fly with Belavia.

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Economy MSQ - KGD More than 2 years

Good seats, complimentary meal

Good seats, complimentary meal of a customizable sandwich, chocolate bar, drinks and tea or coffee, friendly flight crew. The pilots can handle bad weather or the snowy runway in Minsk. The planes are Boeing 737s or Embraers, and sometimes they use Tupolevs (unfortunately), which operate only in Moscow or Saint Petersburg.
I recommend them and my children and I travel with them whenever possible.

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Economy MSQ - CDG More than 3 years

A company that I will no doubt take again since

General: A company that I will no doubt take again since I have other trips to Belarus scheduled. It's also the only airline that makes non-stop PARIS-MINSK flights, so I recommend it.

Comfort: It was comfortable, you can't ask much from economy class. The plane wasn't full so there was enough space.

Service: The flight crew was pleasant and a small snack was served.

Security: This was my first time traveling on this airline and I can't complain. No complaints about the plane either.

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Economy MSQ - CDG More than 3 years

A mediocre airline

General: A mediocre airline (comfort, price, service, security). Nevertheless, I have no complaints, considering that my trip went relatively well.

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Economy MSQ - WAW More than 3 years

Compagnie impeccable, sérieuse.

Depuis que cette compagnie dessert Charleroi, j'ai recours à ses services plusieurs fois par an pour me rendre en Bélarus. Vol direct, sans escale, service à bord impeccable, bon confort, propreté de l'avion, personnel affable et serviable, respect des horaires, bonne gestion des bagages, prévu dans le prix de départ, bonnes infos durant le vol etc.....

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Economy MSQ - CRL 07/2019
georges renardy

Compagnie irréprochable, service à bord impecable, sympathie du personnel.

En résumé, tout fut parfait tant à l'aller qu'au retour. Serviabilité, qualité, ponctualité, gestion des bagages, propreté de l'avion, service à bord.

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Economy MSQ - CRL 04/2018
georges renardy

Un vol "d'adieu"

Belavia l'avait annoncé depuis quelques mois: elle allait retirer ses Tupolev Tu-154M de sa flotte. Ces avions ne correspondant plus aux nouveaux...

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Economy GVA - MSQ More than 3 years 29 reactions 123 views
Arthur L
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  • IL-76T (EW-76709) parqué au bord de la route non loin de l'aéroport de Minsk. (MSQ / UMMS)
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