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Amsterdam-Minsk flight

Rough landing but a pleasant flight overall.

This was a connecting flight for me since I was coming from Paris.
I arrived at the terminal for personal reasons (the door was just closing) and I had barely enough time to squeeze into the plane.

I was at the very back, the last seat with a little more room. During the takeoff, the plane made a sharp turn as if it was; a lot of people jumped and held their breath.

The light meal was basic but sufficient, and served a little after takeoff. The press was mostly in Russian but also in English.

For those who didn't speak Russian (which was not my situation) the flight crew might have seemed distant but they spoke a little English, I think.

We arrived in Minsk 5 minutes late, without problems, under a slightly cloudy sky.

I was able to recover the luggage that I'd left in Paris.

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Economy AMS - MSQ 09/2015 3 views

Good seats, complimentary meal

Good seats, complimentary meal of a customizable sandwich, chocolate bar, drinks and tea or coffee, friendly flight crew. The pilots can handle bad weather or the snowy runway in Minsk. The planes are Boeing 737s or Embraers, and sometimes they use Tupolevs (unfortunately), which operate only in Moscow or Saint Petersburg.
I recommend them and my children and I travel with them whenever possible.

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Economy MSQ - CDG More than 3 years

A company that I will no doubt take again since

General: A company that I will no doubt take again since I have other trips to Belarus scheduled. It's also the only airline that makes non-stop PARIS-MINSK flights, so I recommend it.

Comfort: It was comfortable, you can't ask much from economy class. The plane wasn't full so there was enough space.

Service: The flight crew was pleasant and a small snack was served.

Security: This was my first time traveling on this airline and I can't complain. No complaints about the plane either.

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Economy MSQ - CDG More than 3 years

A mediocre airline

General: A mediocre airline (comfort, price, service, security). Nevertheless, I have no complaints, considering that my trip went relatively well.

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Economy MSQ - WAW More than 3 years

Un vol "d'adieu"

Belavia l'avait annoncé depuis quelques mois: elle allait retirer ses Tupolev Tu-154M de sa flotte. Ces avions ne correspondant plus aux nouveaux...

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Economy GVA - MSQ 05/2015 28 reactions 123 views
Arthur L

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