Female flight attendant yelled at me for me voluntarily taking our trays to the back!

Review of hankwang64 about the flight Alitalia between Rome Fiumicino and Toronto Lester B. Pearson Intl on 20/09/2017 in Economy
hankwang64 AZ / AZA FCO / YYZ
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I can't help but want the world to know how bad my sister and i were treated by Alitalia when we were to take our flight from Rome to Winnipeg, transit thru Toronto. First, we were stamped "Stand By" but we paid for our flights long time ago and confirmed. We were asked to go to a separate desk 29 to wait for resolution. Then came 3 to 4 others put on Stand By by Alitalia but they were flying to New York ( we were to Toronto ). That guy started entertaining the New York destined guests, though we were way at the front standing and waiting to be served. Without anyone coming to help us, my sister initiated to ask that man who snubbed at her, totally not minding nor looking at her when she spoke! After 30 minutes or so, i initiated going to another desk to seek help then was given seat assignments. Baggages were destined to Winnipeg, and checked-in. Then, this flight got delayed for over 1.5 hours. We missed our connecting flight to Winnipeg and had to book an 11:00PM flight. Worse, our baggages did not arrive in Toronto. We finally arrived in Winnipeg 1AM without our baggages but filed our claims. By the way, inside Alitalia flight going to Toronto, the attendants failed to collect everyone's trays after the meal. I saw 2 to 3 guests voluntarily sent their garbaged trays to the back. I followed behind carrying ours, as well. Then, when i handed to the female attendant at the back, she yelled at me, " Don't send us your trays anymore!" I stood still while holding those trays. The guy attendant just looked at me. I did not care then i tossed the trays on their pushcart and left. This is the kind of service Alitalia has shown us. Idiots! They should know that they are in the service industry. And for the f**king guy in the reception, Don't judge us by the color of our skin, we were the only asian Chinese standing behind the line waiting to get our deserved seats! SEND THIS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND BOYCOTT FLYING ALITALIA AIR! ( and i think they are going bankrupt and service will be terminated next month or this month end. Good for them! ) P.S.: Told a friend this story of our experience, and he said, you guys just had a flight from Hell..... hell Yes with Alitalia, the loser racist!

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By hankwang64, about Alitalia, , close to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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