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Review of revs264 about the flight Alitalia between Rome Fiumicino and New York Jfk on 25/08/2017 in Economy
revs264 AZ / AZA FCO / JFK
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

Let's start with the staff: very rude and arrogant. They don't smile, and were completely lacking in etiquette. My brother was asking for help on his screen in front of him (I'll get into their technology soon), and the flight attendant was serving us food. She answered him so rudely, saying "I'll get to you once I finish serving everyone else." Of course, neither she nor anyone else helped out for the rest of the flight. They barely came around with drinks, were lacking in food options and variety, and asking them any kind of question was like pulling teeth.

Now, the technology. Very, very poor. Let's say I want to navigate the flight path on the screen on the chair in front of me. The " flight time remaining" would jump up and down from, say, 4 hours to 8 hours. You had to touch the screen several times to get it to open what you wanted. And it wasn't only my screen--everyone had this issue. So of course, every time I would attempt to sleep (with the little room we had), the guy behind me would start tapping his screen like crazy and it felt like he was hitting my head the whole flight.

The captain was pretty good, though. He was very clear during takeoff and landing; and when we had turbulence, he would make an announcement and the seat belt sign would light up accordingly. Landing was very difficult, though--didn't feel too smooth but I'm not sure whether the pilot or co-pilot was operating at that point.

Overall, though, I was incredibly uncomfortable the whole flight, and it was a very long one. They should definitely work on their service more, maybe even provide items to make the trip comfortable as other airlines do.

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By revs264, about Alitalia, , close to Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, United States
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