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Review of SanaNajjar about the flight Alitalia between Rome Fiumicino and Beirut on 25/04/2017 in Economy
SanaNajjar AZ / AZA FCO / BEY
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

With all the recent incidents that occurred with some of the biggest airlines and their crew (United Airlines, American Airlines etc), you'd think we've heard the end of it. To my luck, however, Alitalia can now be added to the list.

Knowing it's a last-tier airline, you wouldn't really expect much in the first place: fly on time, get us there (and our bags) safely, and do the same for the return.

To my luck as well, none of the above took place.
On the day of our flight, May 20 at 4 am, we get to the airport at 2 am only to find out it's been delayed an hour. It happens, no big deal. At 5 am, we are informed that we might not be taking off as the pilot has not made his decision regarding flying the plane or not. Since when was this optional? Regardless, we were not provided with any information regarding why this might happen.
Was it due to bad weather?
Was there any technical problem with the plane?
Was the pilot facing any health issues?
All logical questions passengers have the right to have answers to. Expectedly, none were answered.

After numerous complaints from people missing their connecting flights and getting their plans messed up, the crew informs us that they are on the phone with FCO airport in Rome to find out what will happen. After going back and forth, they tell us that the pilot has flown 16 hours and exceeding this number will result in revoking his license. As if this flight was a last-minute, haphazard idea? It is a flight that is regulated and put in the system, how on Earth would he have not known this would happen? And if, for some reason, he did exceed these hours, why is there no replacement? Is there that little-to-no concern towards people and their schedules?

After sleeping at the gate, we finally receive the news that we will be taking off. How come? Did the pilot magically recalculate his hours? Or is he just a risk-taker, suddenly willing to abide by his own rules?
Result: we took off, got to Rome, forgot about this horrible experience and enjoyed our trip.
End of it? We wish.

On the way back, we spent over an hour at the check-in, risking missing our flight because the belt where our bags are supposed to be checked-in stopped working. After it gets fixed, minutes before the gate closes, we rush to board the plane (which is super old as well). To give you an idea about how rude the staff was too, they practically made the passengers beg for pieces of bread.

Cherry on top? Our bags did not arrive to Beirut. Baggage claim tells us they received an email from Alitalia, before the plane boarded, saying 12 bags will not be loaded onto the plane. How does an airline fly its passengers knowing 12 of them won't receive their luggages? What if they had connecting flights? Apparently it's because of "overweight". How does an airline not assume that each passenger has at least 1 piece of luggage? Are we rats, perhaps, with nothing to take with us?

Give us one more reason not to believe you're inhumane; I dare you.
Worst. Airline. On. The. Planet.
Worst. Staff. On. The. Planet.
Never. EVER. Again.
You guys SUCK -is an understatement.

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By SanaNajjar, about Alitalia, , close to Paris, Île-de-France, France
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