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Great A350 experience

Amsterdam had the honour to welcome the inaugural flight of Finnair's new A350 aircraft. On October 9th 2015 it was deployed on the morning flight from Helsinki and back. After a quick check-in and after the aircraft arrived at its gate, the plane was cleaned rapidly. After boarding, I was welcomed and was guided to my window seat. Drinks in business class are served in crystal glasses and the lavatory was featuring some typical Finnish accessoires. Boarding was completed rapidly, but since it's a special flight, boarding started earlier to allow passengers making pictures of the cabin.

Temperature in the plane was comfortable and the complementary WiFi is of a decent speed.

Flight attendants found some time of having a chat during the flight.

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Business AMS - HEL 10/2015


Airbus A330-300. Check-in at Kansai was one time: 8 am as scheduled. Boarding was normal, no surprises except the cleanliness of the plane. At...

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Economy KIX - HEL 04/2016 10 reactions 261 views


We took Finnair to travel to China. Never again. The must punctual of their flights took off a half-hour late.

They unilaterally changed our departure ticket so that we had to wait 9 hours and 30 minutes for the connecting flight in Chicago, even though we had paid more to only be there for 4 hours.

In Beijing, two pieces of our luggage were missing. They told us that both would be found and we'd have them the next morning. This happened for just one of them—the other arrived 14 days later. They weren't even able to deliver it to our hotel, we had to modify our trip and pay to retrieved them from the airport.

They didn't even want to reimburse our expenses (this raises ticket prices). On the return flight, we were missing the same two pieces of luggage! In 45 years of travel I've never seen an airline as sloppy as this one.

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Economy YUL - PEK More than 2 years 1 reactions 49 views
johny 715

An excellent airline

This flight went well overall. The plane was comfortable, not too noisy, and the flight crew was very nice. The two meals they served weren't delicious but they weren't that bad either, your basic airline food. There were also snacks and drinks.

The entertainment screens were a drawback: they had low-quality headphones and the plug made it so you could not substitute them with your own headphones.
The luggage was in good condition on arrival, and the transfer to Helsinki and then Paris was done well.

Check-in and boarding were very fast. A small drawback was that the arrival time, which was delayed by almost an hour. Luckily I had no connecting flight to catch.

In short, I recommend Finnair!

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Economy HEL - XIY More than 2 years 2 reactions 112 views

A very good flight

This was a pretty short flight, but it was on time with a friendly crew and a drink served during the trip. One negative thing: check-in was really slow even if it had already been done online.

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Economy CDG - HEL More than 2 years 1 reactions 31 views

Fast and good

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to try out the lounge. Boarding was without incident but there wasn't any real priority for business class passengers.
The seats were comfortable but the service was very limited on this flight. The staff seemed rather inattentive and disinterested. The food was good but not worthy of business class.
The baggage delivery on arrival was very quick.

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Business HEL - MUC More than 2 years 1 reactions 28 views

European business

Check-in was without incident and very fast.
We used the Air France lounge, which was a little strange since Finnair is part of One World and not Skyteam. I have to say that the croissants were excellent.

The seats were comfortable (typical economy seats, and the middle seat was empty) and the in-flight service was good.

The food was also very good.

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Business MUC - HEL More than 2 years 1 reactions 18 views

A good connecting flight en route to Asia

Boarding took a bit long due to the cabin crew beginning the process when the plane still wasn't ready. In short, it took a few minutes before we were onboard.

The seats were comfortable. The service was average but easily up to the minimum standards expected. The IFE system was fairly extensive, though the choice of films was limited, with only a few new ones available.

The food was also completely up to standard, with the champagne served chilled (quite a rare occurrence as it's often too warm).

The departure lounge at Helsinki is very nice, though a bit more food would have been welcome.

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Business HEL - PVG More than 2 years 3 reactions 83 views


Registration was without problems and went very fast. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to test the Qantas lounge that Finnair uses.

Boarding took a little longer since the staff began the process before the plane was ready, but after a few minutes we were on board.

The seats were comfortable and the in-flight service was excellent. The air steward was Japanese and not Finnish. The in-flight entertainment was pretty extensive but the choice of films was somewhat limited, with only a few recent films.

The food was also very good with, and the champagne was served cold (that's rare, usually it's too warm).

The arrival was without incident with express transfer to the following flight to Helsinki.

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Business NRT - HEL More than 2 years 1 reactions 35 views

A flight without incident

An enjoyable flight. The flight crew was always polite and helpful, without seeming overbearing or giving us fake smiles. The condition of the plane and its cleanliness were impeccable. A good experience. There wasn't a lot of entertainment but that's normal for a medium-haul flight. No complaints.

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Economy CDG - HEL More than 3 years 1 reactions 101 views
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