Royal Air Maroc : Casablanca Mohamed V. - Toulouse

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Comfort 3 / 5
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I was sitting in the first row of economy class, so I had legroom. On the other hand, the size of the seats was average and there was not enough elbow room for two passengers.
For entertainment there was a screen showing the location of the plane, its speed and the length of time before arrival. The in-flight magazine was a little "worn."

The food was good and there was enough of it.

The takeoff and landing were smooth.
Boarding went quickly, and so did check-in. Our luggage was delivered quickly.

The flight crew could have been friendlier with the passengers; we didn't feel any friendliness from them.
Departure was 10 minutes late, but we made up for it during the flight.

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Economy CMN - TLS More than 3 years 1 reactions 26 views

La compagnie la plus irresponsable !

Mon épouse va retrouver son père pour un mois au Congo à Brazzaville. Aller: Elle prend le 23 Juillet le vol RAM AT790 Toulouse-Casablanca, et 7h...

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Economy CMN - TLS More than 3 years 15 reactions 221 views

toutes les fois où j'ai pris cette compagnie, la sécurité étais correcte et les pilotes tres professionelles, le décollage et atterrissage nickel, de plus cette compagnie n'a connu que 2 crash et cela fait 20 ans de quoi être rassurant. J'ai réservé mon billet pour ce samedi en direction de toulouse à bord d'un tout récent 737-700. J'espère que cela se passera bien: )

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Economy CMN - TLS More than 3 years

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