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Value (price + quality) 2,17 / 5
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Costumer service 2,26 / 5
Your opinion of security 2,74 / 5
Food 2,43 / 5
Management of luggage 2,23 / 5
Comfort 2,53 / 5
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Raaaaa NEVER AGAIN! 1/5
AndreaB Baggage Lost during stop over in Casablanca 1/5
SLI1789 Disgusting. 1/5
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Good flight

Good flight i enjoyed my ride, but they were some little problems like bagage comming late and we wasnt able to listen to the movie ( in plane) because the sound wasn't working.
Good airline anyway

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Economy YUL - CMN More than 2 years
me the lag

Worst airline so far

We were supposed to fly from Kinshasa to Casablanca at 4:55 AM, the flight did not leave until almost 6 AM. This meant that lots of people with...

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Economy FIH - RAK More than 2 years 1 reactions 32 views


On arrival in Toulouse, I was supposed to take the 7/18/15 AT510 flight with a takeoff time of 10:20 pm. Once there, they told us that there was no airplane available for Dakar. This was not an isolated case: some Senegalese who came from Rome or Milan had been waiting for a plane for 2 days.

There were several incidents where the police had to intervene. There was no communication from RAM, no beverage offered and no food either.

Finally, they provided us with a plane that was as dilapidated as possible and we took off around 1:30 am. When we arrived, at least thirty people did not get their luggage, including me. At close to € 500 for a one-way flight this airline is the lowest of the low. Never again, Royal Air Maroc!

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Economy CMN - DKR More than 2 years 11 reactions 187 views

Two hours that seemed much longer

Seats: comfortable, reclined slightly.
Entertainment: magazine, screen that let us follow the progress of the flight.
Food: full meal.
Temperature: sometimes cold, sometimes hot.
In-flight information: at takeoff and landing + screens.
Boarding and check-in: checked in via Internet.
Luggage: the luggage arrived undamaged but there was a long to claim it.
Flight crew: rather inept, not always friendly.
Punctuality: 50-minute delay.

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Economy TLS - CMN More than 2 years 1 reactions 106 views

Worst airline experience ever

Be very careful before you choose to take this airline. They would not let me leave the country on my flight out of Morocco because their credit card machines would not work, and they wanted to charge me $270 for 2 extra bags !

Arrived at airport 2 hours before flight. Had 3 bags, and they required $270 for the 2 extra bags. But, none of their credit card machines worked in Casablanca Airport, so the duty manager would not let me board the plane.

I had no other cash, atm was maxed out that day. Even though it was their fault that they could not find a single credit card machine that worked, they would not allow me out on the last flight to Madrid.

I had to overnight. Needless to say, I switched to another airline. I had spoken with their supervisor, Mr. Mo***d si Ag***e who even spoke with the duty manager, Mr. K***d, and neither would let me go on their empty flight to Madrid because Royal Air Maoro could not find a working credit card machine.

This is the worst experience I have ever had with an airline.

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Economy CMN - MAD More than 2 years 1 reactions 20 views

An excellent trip

There was a lot of room between the seats.
The entertainment was excellent with a screen for each seat and a wide multimedia selection.
Two high-quality meals, the chicken was good.
Takeoff and landing were perfect, there was some turbulence but the pilot handled it well.
The air-conditioned airplane was impeccable.
Rapid airport service.
The luggage was processed and routed quickly.
The flight crew was polite.
The flight was on time.
An excellent trip with my friends from summer camp.

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Economy CMN - JFK More than 3 years 2 reactions 81 views

Excellent flight

This was a very pleasant flight. The plane was a Boeing 737-800 with Sky Interior. There was enough legroom. The seat was a little dirty. Otherwise the cabin was clean in general. The seat pocket had the in-flight magazine and the safety instructions. The meal was very good. A geovision was broadcast as part of the in-flight entertainment. The flight was on time.

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Economy CMN - GVA More than 3 years 1 reactions 71 views

RAM continues to improve

During the flight, the airline showed qualities such as concern for the passengers, punctuality, security and professionalism.
I can notice a clear improvement in this airline.
Keep going!

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Economy RBA - ORY More than 2 years 2 reactions 62 views
El Filali

Very good flight and service

The plane was recent and well maintained. The piloting was good and the takeoff and landing were smooth. The food was good but could have been better. The temperature seemed a little cold to me. The cabin was very clean but the space between the seats was too small in economy class. There was no movie- or television-type entertainment. The flight crew was very professional and welcoming. The plane followed the flight schedule as planned.

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Economy CMN - ORY More than 2 years 2 reactions 26 views

Perfect (BOD - RAK)

Takeoff and landing were perfect just like the rest of the flight. Absolutely nothing to say.
Punctuality, service, the welcome from the crew, courtesy, food and comfort were all perfect.
The same thing goes for the return flight.
Largely equal to a flight on Air France or any other national company.

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Economy BOD - RAK More than 2 years 2 reactions 9 views

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