Worst airline and even worse customer service!

Review of Ankh about the flight Royal Air Maroc between Casablanca Mohamed V. and New York Jfk on 02/06/2019 in Economy

I see that a lot of travelers have had a bad experience with this airline, so I am not sure if my review will make a difference to the company, but I hope it makes a difference to travelers.
PLEASE DO NOT use this airline. I agree with everything everyone experienced- poor and irresponsible customer service, delayed flights, missing baggage.
We landed on Sunday night (June 2 in JFK from Casablanca) and still no news about our 3 bags that were checked in. This is not just my story, but is the story of more than 60% of the travelers because they did not care to transfer the bags of more than 60% of the people.
- Check in took 3 hours.
- We sat in the flight 3 hours after take off time, no one told us what was going on.
- 3 hours later an announcement is made which is not clear- "we are leaving without the bags". People started freaking out. Attendants ignored us when we tried to ask them what was going on.
- Another 2 hours pass- the flight is taking off, captain says 40% of the bags have made it. He says nothing about the bags that did not make it.
I mean- in which world does this happen? If the airport staff was on a strike- then they should be upfront and not put their customers through this grief.

When we call customer service, they don't bother to respond- they say "call tomorrow".
When we ask to speak to a supervisor- they say that the supervisor is having a meal/ is not available/ available but cannot speak English. When asked when they will be available- we are told "try tomorrow". Tomorrow comes and the same story repeats.
They literally don't care.
All my belongings are in my bags and reading all the reviews below- I have no hope in getting them back. This is a nightmare. I will be leaving reviews wherever I can so nobody flies this airline. They probably don't know the power of internet! I remember an airline lost a person's guitar and when they refused to pay for it, he created an you tube song about it, and the company's sales fell drastically. Royal Air Maroc- what do you get by making so many people suffer?

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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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