Baggage Lost during stop over in Casablanca

Review of AndreaB about the flight Royal Air Maroc between Rome Fiumicino and Casablanca Mohamed V. on 28/12/2017 in Economy
AndreaB AT / RAM FCO / CMN

The flight left 1 hr in delay, don't know much if due to airline or airport.
The thing is that my luggage never made to the final destination, it got lost in Casablanca.
The customer service by RAM is one of the lousiest ever. Never ending waitings on the phone (as long as 1 and 1/2 hr) often without the possibility to speak with nobosy, they keep on saying they will put you through someone, then Mr Someone answer and tells you he/she will put you through somebody else in a loop, while you have been without your luggage for already more than 10 days. If somebody answered to your phone was just to say "we already forwarded the request to baggage department in Casablanca", useless.
I will never ever again fly Royal Air Maroc and/or pass through Casablanca airport which is one of the messiest one ever seen.
A freind of mine on holiday in Maroc had her baggage lost either in Casablanca during the same period of time.
I think they should be banned or be investigated by some authorities.
If you like thrills especially about getting bag your baggage please fly Royal Air Maroc and fly through Casablanca.

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By AndreaB, about Royal Air Maroc, , close to Nogara, Veneto, Italy
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