Review of SLI1789 about the flight Royal Air Maroc between Casablanca Mohamed V. and Tangier on 01/08/2016 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Absolutely disgusting treatment.

I was scheduled to fly from Casablanca to Tanger at 11 pm in August. We got on a bus at the scheduled time, which was very hot. When we arrived at a plane, the doors did not open and the bus turned back to the terminal. The bus driver still did not open the doors. The bus was so hot a passenger actually fainted, at which point another passenger hit the emergency exit.

When we were back at the terminal, the staff were extremely rude to all passengers and would not provide any information. It was late at night, and there was no food or water available. After about 2 hours of waiting, a female passenger began to film the way the staff were treating the passengers. A male staff member grabbed her cell phone and pushed her to the ground. He refused to return the cell phone. Around 2.30 am, someone came to the terminal in no identifiable uniform and began speaking to small groups offering "options".

I overheard options from another passenger, which were :

1) get your bags go to a hotel and wait on stand by for the next evening's flight

2) take a bus to our destination.

Around 3 am, the passengers began walking up a flight of stairs. No one told us where we were going and no staff was around. We arrived at customs. Because we did not have an entry stamp, a security officer took my passport and wouldn't return it. No airline staff was present. Eventually, my passport was returned.

When we went down to the baggage area, there was no baggage. Eventually the baggage was found. When we exited the terminal, we were given a piece of paper telling us where to complain and put into a taxi. It has now been over a month since this incident.

I have reached out to RAM several times and have only received a response today, offering me a voucher to take another RAM flight worth less than 1/4 of the price I paid for the ticket.

Each time I have called the contact center, employees have been extremely rude to me and told me I cannot make a claim as I have "already taken this flight".

On the response, it is stated that they took into account the security of passengers, which I find strange as a staff member assaulted a passenger.

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By SLI1789, about Royal Air Maroc, , close to Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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