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Review of Makako about the flight Royal Air Maroc between Kinshasa and Marrakesh on 30/07/2015 in Economy
Makako AT / RAM FIH / RAK
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

We were supposed to fly from Kinshasa to Casablanca at 4:55 AM, the flight did not leave until almost 6 AM. This meant that lots of people with short transit periods would not catch their flights.

My next flight was from Casablanca to Marrakech at 22:50 PM. I checked in and was waiting in front of my gate with my flight details indicated.

At boarding time suddenly, the details changed and my flight disappeared. I asked people inside the boarding area and no one could inform me, they told me to go outside to the Royal Air Maroc desk. When I arrived and asked for clarifications, the person smiled and said he would help me. I got put into the next and last flight of the day to Marrakech at midnight.

While I was waiting again, exhausted, I saw an approximate 30 people at the airport yelling at the Royal Air Maroc staff because their flight just got cancelled for no clear reason and no prior information, like mine, and there were no other flights scheduled to their destination for the same day.

I finally got on my flight and arrived in Marrakech at around 2AM and waited for my luggage for another hour before more than 10 of us passengers realized that our luggages had not arrived. We queued up to register lost baggages and the person who was registering didn't give any information except "call this number". When I asked what, when, how, he just said "call this number".

I finally got to my riad almost at 4AM, exhausted, having paid for a night that I have lost at the airport, and with a day lost because I am too exhausted to do any tourism. Plus, I had made reservations for an day tour that I had to cancel last minute for my luggage with all I needed for the day tour had not arrived.

But Royal Air Maroc did not care. For I had explained this to them when registering lost baggage.
My luggage did not arrive until the day before I left Marrakech.

And when I called, the call did not go through until at least after 15 minutes of listening to their announcements. When it did go through, they just said to call the next day.
I paid another round trip with taxi to the airport to pick up my luggage.
Royal Air Maroc did not care.
This is the first time and last time I am taking Royal Air Maroc.

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By Makako, about Royal Air Maroc, , close to Congo
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alas replied

Man, I have just decided not to book Roya Air Maroc, despite a fare over $200 cheaper than the closest to it and the reason, the bad reviews I read are just horrible and intolerable. Know that 10 reviews out of tens of thousands of passengers are minuscule I find that the indifference of staff in Casablanca would leave me with no recourse and don't want to get ballistic in a country that is foreign to my background and civil way of pursuing incompetence when warranted. Would I be arrested for complaining to vocally?

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