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Terrible 3rd world Irvine run by people who can barely put forth the effort to hate their passengers, even though they do.

These clowns are to be avoided. A one hour flight from Casablanca to Ouarzazate, nonstop, and they lose your bags. I am told this is a 1 out of 3 occurrence. If you have to walk or make other arrangements, do so.

Bad customer service would be better than what I have gotten. These guys won’t pick up a ringing phone or provide sensible answers. They simply DO NOT CARE.

i have traveled the world over and have never experienced worse service than I have gotten from this joke of a national airline.

Do whatever you have to do but DO NOT FLY WITH ROYAL AIR MAROC!

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Economy CMN - OZZ 03/2018
A Traveler


This airline is hands down...THE WORST AIRLINE IN HISTORY! Customer service people are rude and obviously hate their jobs. The planes are old, outdated, and filthy with hair, and food stains. In flight entertainment was average but on our return flight our entire row didn't have working tvs. Flight attendants are dismissive and act pissed when you ask for a simple request like "a bottle of water." They lost our baby's stroller and this was 1 month ago...still nothing. Kept calling and was told "there is no update, call back." One month later,,,still no stroller. Finally was told I could file a claim...get this..."It takes 30-90 days just to process!" DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE!!!

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Economy LOS - JFK 01/2018

Baggage Lost during stop over in Casablanca

The flight left 1 hr in delay, don't know much if due to airline or airport. The thing is that my luggage never made to the final destination, it...

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Economy FCO - CMN 12/2017 2 reactions


I flew from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Tel Aviv, Israel via Casablanca, Morocco and it was the most terrible flight ever! When I arrived at Casablanca to...

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Economy GRU - TLV 02/2017 2 reactions

my suitcase was lost and they don't pay

Took a flight on April 21, 2017 from Milan to Sao Paulo, baggage was NOT ARRIVED, surely due to the lack of time between the landing at Casablanca and the resumption for Sao Paulo with another flight. After making a regular complaint at the airport of my baggage arrival, there was no trace anymore. In addition to having suffered the damage of not having any luggage for my 10-day stay in Sao Paulo, paying for the many phone calls at the airport looking for my suitcase and having to recapture the minimum indispensable and thus spending 355 euros, to date my suitcase It has never been found again. Needless to make any effort to claim Royal Air Maroc damages through emails, peacocks, and international peacekeepers in Prague, So I must contract a lawyer just to see my rights fully satisfied. Customer Support ZERO !!!!! Do not fly with this company !! They steal your luggage and DO NOT PAY !!!!

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Economy MXP - GRU 04/2017


Absolutely disgusting treatment. I was scheduled to fly from Casablanca to Tanger at 11 pm in August. We got on a bus at the scheduled time, which...

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Economy CMN - TNG More than 2 years

Compensation for Damaged Luggage.

Coming back from Agadir via Casablanca we realized when we got our luggage in Strasbourg that it had been severely damaged. We made a statement of damage to luggage (it wasn't repairable), and the request for compensation was done on 02/15/2016. After several weeks they told me which documents to provide. I did that, but no news since then despite several reminders from me.

The flight and the service were perfect, by the way we are taking RAM again to go to Agadir on 12/06/2016, but very disappointing follow-up when there is a problem.


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Economy AGA - SXB More than 2 years

The Worst Airline.

This airline forces you to spend a night in Casablanca on almost all long flights (maybe to help the Moroccan economy).

Only 2 planes in their fleet have individual screens. How could you spend 11 hours on a plane without anything to do?

If you want to modify your flight or ask questions, their site (randomly) gives you an error message. In short, avoid this airline.

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Economy MAD - GIG More than 2 years

Never again.

My 7th time with the airline and last one for sure. Casablanca to London my typical route. And typical for RAM it was late 40 min.

We were send from one gate to other not explained why. When I managed to find a staff member thats spoke english I been told that they have technical issues...

yah our plane wasn't even there...

Customer service is the worst I ever had website not working you email them they email back asking to call them you call they don't pick up or don't speak English.

You visit their agency a staff member advises you to use another airline.

But yeah... their seats are comfortable but thats not what makes you a satisfied customer.

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Economy CMN - LGW More than 2 years 1 views
Gabriela P.

Old plane, technical problems and poor service

Depart from Libreville via Casablanca to Amsterdam. From Libreville to Casablance there was free seating. Never experienced this in a plane, but all...

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Economy LBV - AMS More than 2 years 2 reactions 20 views
Anko V.
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