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On the trail of Saint-Exupéry

No commercial airline enthusiast can be indifferent to a flight to Patagonia that follows the journey of the hero Saint-Exupéry. We made this...

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The flight to the end of the world

Aerolineas Argentinas operates this flight, complete with the usual advantages and disadvantages that entails. Flight times can change a lot...

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A great internal flight

This was my first time on Aerolineas and it was surprisingly good. The large airline provided us with the perfect internal flight.

Some key points:
- The airport for internal flights in Buenos Aires is excellent and modern. The check-in was done in 5 minutes by a courteous and very efficient staff.
- The flight was on a very modern plane, a 737-700 whose cabin was in good shape, and it had a decent amount of legroom.
- Even though the flight was just 1h30min, they offered beverages and a delicious snack.
- The luggage was delivered promptly.

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One to avoid

1. Arrived at Paris CDG at around 7:00 pm; flight scheduled for 9:20 pm
Check-in: infernal queuing; check-in staff only moderately pleasant

Thirty-minute delay announced due to a technical problem; boarded at 9:50 pm

Cabin crew not pleasant at all

Average flight
Uncomfortable seat
Revolting meal
No personal screen

Delayed on arrival, obviously
Half an hour to retrieve my checked-in baggage

In summary:
An airline not to be recommended
I don't even know why it's part of Skyteam

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Economy CDG - EZE More than 3 years 10 reactions 218 views

Mediocre flight

This short flight between Buenos Aires and Córdoba went by moderately well. Argentina's national airline uses old planes such as the Boeing MD-83 from the 1980s. The flight crew was a microcosm of Argentina: nice but very disorganized. Luckily this flight was pretty short because the noise was unbearable, especially since I was sitting at the back of the plane near the engines.

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Economy EZE - COR More than 3 years 2 reactions 214 views

A big mess!

First flight coming from El Calafate, arriving at the Buenos Aires international airport: surprise! No luggage for 10 people of our group of 12… It...

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tartine 31


Argentina's national airline remains a relatively mediocre. Luckily this flight was short. The planes were old and the onboard service wasn't that nice. However, it's pretty cheap.

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Economy AEP - BRC More than 3 years 61 views


It already began with a three-hour delay for which no explanation was given.
The plane was rudimentary, an Airbus 340-300 with no screen, no music, and no distraction for an almost 14-hour flight.

The cabin crew was non-existent and unpleasant; we were forced to keep windows shut throughout the flight; the meal was more than disgusting, it made me sick for three days after I arrived.

I’m sorry, but I can’t find anything positive to say, even searching really well. In short, this was my first and last time with this pseudo-airline that charges as much as the others. Stay away from it as much as possible!

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Is there a pilot for the plane?

Hmmm it didn't begin well! Right at the beginning there was a special, sensibly different price for non-residents: about the double! Also, at least...

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Skyteam? No conozco

Nothing much to say about this flight of about two hours aboard a very standard B737. Take-off was on time. The snack was served quickly, in box...

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  • Chariot de plats principaux - pratique pour choisir mais pas très appétissant...
  • Entrée - plutôt bonne mais sans choix
  • Premier plat servi - beaucoup trop de sauce ! On dirait un plat Air France
  • Au lit !
  • Réveil sans charme ni ménagement
  • USH
  • C'est plus décevant à l'intérieur
  • Trousse aux couleurs de la compagnie
  • Une belle boîte pour la collation
  • Contrôle de position ultra sophistiqué
  • In the box
  • Tierra del Fuego
  • Dans l'avion
  • Cabine (ancien modèle et pub hibou pour un organisme de crédit)
  • FTE - Ceux qui me connaissent identifieront mon bagage
  • Fromage sans pain et dessert sans choix
  • Petit dejeuner convenable
  • Lit confortable
  • Mini bar minimaliste et sans présentation
  • Collation
  • Contenu standard
  • Porte-bouteille bien pratique
  • Écouteurs ultra minimalistes
  • Dans l'avion
  • Deuxième proposition : un peu plus correct
  • Croque-monsieur très réussi
  • Prestations limitées
  • Digestif et thé
  • Avion en porte E70
  • Napoléon prend ses aises
  • Cabine aux tons bruns. Couverture, coussin et journal prédisposés.
  • Panettone de Noël
  • Toilettes propres mais sans décoration

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