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Review of emily2892 about the flight Aeromexico between Cancun and La Havane on 13/01/2020 in Economy
emily2892 AM / AMX CUN / HAV

I had a months long saga involving a refund, that I will detail below, but the TL;DR version is Aeromexico promised a refund, over the course of 6 months denied the possibility that there was a mistake in the transaction, blamed us, blamed our bank, etc. after following up with several avenues (their phone number, their email, BBB) and being denied and dismissed, I finally found a local number and convinced a service rep to audit the transaction and was FINALLY given the refund. Buy Interjet, Aeromexico is not worth the hassle.

On August 9 I purchased three direct flight tickets from Cancun to Havana. On August 11 I rec'd an email saying that the flight was changed from direct (1h) to indirect with a route through Mexico City (10+h). I spoke with customer service chat and asked for a refund, they said absolutely that it would take 4-8 weeks to refund this credit card purchase. While I find that timeline to be incredulous, I was happy with this proposed solution. After 8 weeks we had still not rec'd a refund, I contact customer support who said oh there was a problem processing this refund, we will have to do it again, it will take another 4-8 weeks. After another 8 weeks we still have no refund. I contacted customer support again, they said that it says it went through and to file with their complaint email, there was no phone number to call. After several weeks without contact, they said the refund was sent, gave us a supposed refund slip to a different bank than ours, to a credit card with an incorrect expiration date and card number, and then refused to refund us because it is "our bank's fault." After several back and forths over email and through the BBB complaint portal with me pleading with them to understand that the credit card number the sent it to was not ours, I was told by Joaquin Raul Cano Diaz of Aeromexico, "Refund information already provided. No further action from our side will we made." In my opinion, Joaquin Raul Cano Diaz should be fired.

So, not to be bested, and in an effort not to be forced into small claims court, I called the Aeromexico customer service number once again and pleaded for a follow up number to call. After some clear discomfort, the customer service rep reluctantly gave me a local Mexico number and said, they might be able to help but they will not speak English because they are not actually customer service. I am lucky enough that my husband is fluent in Spanish, so equipped with this number he again reiterated this story over the course of an hour of questioning on the phone. They again said that there was no way that the refund was sent to the wrong credit card number, but that they would audit the transaction just to make sure nothing went wrong. Several weeks later we rec'd an apology, and 2 days after that we FINALLY got our refund. No one should ever have to go through this, I still cannot believe that this happened to us, and if it were not for my persistence and my husband's bilingualism, I do not think we would have ever rec'd a refund. Thank you Marisol for doing the audit, you are too good for a company like Aeromexico. In conclusion, just buy your flight from Interjet.

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