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Review of DaveBarillary about the flight Aeromexico between Managua and Vancouver on 20/07/2019 in Economy
DaveBarillary AM / AMX MGA / YVR

I am very disappointed with Areomexico and this review is based on my last experience with this airline.

I had a reservation for my mom, unfortunately she had a medical emergency and needed a gallbladder surgery, when I contacted Aeromexico about this to re-schedule the trip, they told me that I had to pay U$200 dollars to change the date and U$150 because not shown, also that I have to pay the difference in price if there was any because the new dates, we did not have insurance and that is how the company works, the only way they will give the money back is if she would’ve passed away, surgeries and other emergencies are not applicable and you have to pay. I must mention we did not want any money back, just travel date updates.

The communication was all over email, there is no way you can talk to anyone from customer service, just people from sales department. Long story short I accepted to pay the U$350 and started looking into new dates and prices on their website, after my research I found out that the new price was U$771.48, this price is from Aeromexico website, so I decided to give call and book / re-schedule the trip with the new dates.

At the time of my call the agent confirmed the price I got from their website but after telling them that I was just going to re-schedule and gave him my old reservation number they told me that the prices on their website which is the same price he gave me did not apply to me anymore, the customer service representative said that new tickets prices are different than change of date rates, and I had to pay U$879 for the change of date, U$350 fine and U$529 because the difference in prices, keep in mind on their website a new ticket is U$720 and I originally paid U$1024. Also, I am buying the same destination, same economy seats, same hours, just a different dates and paying the finds and difference in price is there is any, the same agent confirmed that in my case was better to buy a new ticket with the new days than re-scheduling the fly, can you guys believe this? What kind of customer service is this? I won’t recommend this airline anymore; it is ridiculous the way the treat their clients. At the end was cheaper to buy a new ticket than changing the dates.

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