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An interior flight without problems

Aéromexico remains a good airline, which should be emphasized since there are so few of them in Latin America.
Nice flight crew and a friendly atmosphere. A strong feeling of security (despite the aircraft, an MD82)

Welcome in Mexico was a little problematic when catching international flights. The airport was clearly disorganized.

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Economy CUN - MEX More than 3 years 1 reactions 38 views

Good, however …

The flight itself was good. There weren't many people onboard, so everyone had plenty of space. We were served a meal during the first third of the flight, and it was excellent. The cabin crew were very courteous and seemed to really enjoy being a part of the flight, which was great!

However, the BIG negative aspect of this flight for me is its punctuality. Some friends of mine flew on this same flight but on different days, and unfortunately it's always delayed. It's lucky I didn't have any other flights to catch afterwards because I would certainly have missed them. Once we did depart, however (two and a half hours late), everything went like clockwork.

The flying experience itself was excellent, but the airport experience was appalling. I'm aware that there are many kinds of problems that can lead to delays, but when a flight is consistently delayed, it's perhaps time to start asking some questions.

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Economy MEX - DFW More than 3 years 3 reactions 240 views

Onboard the 787...

The flight was on time. The plane was new (787), though it seemed very small, with very cramped space, and seats that only reclined a very small amount, which therefore made things difficult on a flight lasting twelve hours.

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Economy CDG - MEX More than 3 years 9 reactions 419 views

A flight without problems

The schedule was followed. The flight crew was attentive and professional. The plane was in good shape. We were served a beverage and a small packet of crackers. The flight went by without problems and no significant features, normal landing. In the end it was an ordinary flight in good conditions.

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When will there be A340s on the PARIS-MEXICO route?

When will there be A340s on the PARIS-MEXICO route?
The Boeing 777 fleet is really uncomfortable and too small for such a long flight. : (

As for everything else, I congratulate the flight crew for being so friendly. VIVA AEROMEXICO!

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Aeromexico has recently introduced a new Business class

Aeromexico has recently introduced a new Business class, which is a slightly worse replica of Air France's Business class (the seats were a little harder, and amazingly there were no individual screens on the 767; 3 movies were available on the tiny communal screens in the cabin).
Unfortunately I didn't have the time to enjoy the comfort of this new class since after an hour of flying the pilot decided to return to CDG due to engine failure (apparently there was a problem with fuel overconsumption).
I left the next morning with Air France.

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General: I recommend this airline

General: I recommend this airline.
However, the MEXICO airport is very large and we got a little lost.

Comfort: Pretty comfortable.

Service: I bought an Air France ticket, and
since they are a part of SKY TEAM, we traveled on AEROMEXICO.
The flight crew was cool and helpful.
There was something to eat or drink throughout the entire flight (even alcohol: in reasonable amounts, of course).
Very welcoming.

Security: NTR
The security checks in Paris, as well as the flight crew, were reassuring.

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Economy CDG - MEX More than 3 years 1 reactions

Overall I'm very satisfied with the service

General: I'm very satisfied with their service and I hope that they will continue this way.

Comfort: A trip of over 10 hours is never very comfortable.

Service: Very good service, I'm happy every time I travel with them.

Security: Pretty good.

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Economy CDG - TAM More than 3 years
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