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Not good

Check in was ok, and boarding was fine ( I paid extra for "Premium Flex"). The seat was not comfortable at all (there was a metal bar inside the seat, making it hard and uncomfortable). Luckily, I was in the first row so, there was a bunch of legroom. There was no entertainment except a crumpled Air Asia magazine. The prepaid meal (a sandwich) was not good. Flight attendants were not professional and looked they wanted to go home asap! The plane was freezing. Landing and takeoff were smooth.

But, they lost one of my luggages! It turned out it was still in KL... and I got it back 6 days later... Overall... not good.

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Economy KUL - MNL More than 3 years

Just what I expected...

Starting off... check-in was great but only because I upgraded to Premium Flex. If I didn't, it would probably take me 1 and a half hours just for check-in.

There was a 1 hour delay due to an "unknown" reason. Boarding was a disaster and really chaotic... The aircraft was very cramped with not much leg space. I hired the Samsung Galaxy entertainment and it was not great... there were only 6 movies... and a maybe 5 songs... The prepaid meal was horrible and disgusting!

Flight attendants were friendly but many didn't know how to speak english. The temperature of the plane was freezing so I had to wear a sweater and a jacket! Landing and Takeoff were smooth and without a problem...

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Economy SYD - KUL More than 3 years

A death sentence for my suitcase

This was my last flight with this airline. Overall it's a low-cost company, so the service is minimal, but a little more care when it comes to luggage would be strongly appreciated. I've had my luggage damaged 3 times out of 3 flights. The only response from their customer service: It's a low-cost airline so there's no baggage insurance; contact your Carte Bleue insurance.

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Economy TGG - KUL More than 3 years

2nd flight, 2nd broken suitcase

This was my 2nd experience with Air Asia, same onboard service, light, puzzles, same unfriendly flight crew.
And, I think that the ground crew amuse themselves by ruining luggage, since this was my second flight with them and the 2nd break in the same place. My suitcase was also a very nice one from Samsonite that I'd already taken on 30 long-haul flights (round trip) and it had never broken until Air Asia got the better of it, and of course it was broken again on the next flight.

During this trip, I enriched the makers duct tape while repairing my luggage.

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Economy REP - KUL More than 3 years

Low-cost service

My first low-cost experience.

Very low price.
Extra fee for checked luggage.

At check-in you weren't allowed to choose your seat. There were 2 of us and we were separated, like most of the passengers. This turned disembarkation into a sliding puzzle as couples tried to reunite.

Express service.

Unfriendly crew.

Damaged luggage (1st break), no gesture or reimbursement on the part of Air Asia.

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Economy KUL - REP More than 3 years

Not satisfied!

Airline ground counter staff very unfriendly and unprofessional, unable to make any decision in favor to the customer.

Though I checked in very early as sequence no. 3 the system assigned me the very uncomfortable middleseat B.
The ground staff at KLIA2 fortunately helped me to find another seat since the flight was not fully booked.

Cabin staff most of the time busy with themselves, took them 2 hours after departure to serve the first meals and drinks. The passengers who pre-ordered meals got served first, the rest had to wait more.

Scheduling and cancellation policy worst ever!
Flight scheduled for 23rd of August was confirmed by mail on 19th of July but suddenly cancelled on 29th of July. On a very short notice I had to book another flight which was of course more expensive. Asked Air Asia to cover that additional costs but no response at all.

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Economy KUL - CRK More than 3 years 1 reactions 1 views

A pleasant surprise

The first flight, Macao-Kuala Lumpur, had no problems. The connection had a brief delay, but I arrived in Jakarta without a suitcase. They delivered it to my home the next day and contrary to expectation, nothing had been stolen!

This experience deserves to be commended. Has terminal 3 of the Jakarta airport become safe? Because of multiple previous problems with luggage theft, my opinion remains mixed.
I'm waiting for a few more future flights to confirm that it actually has improved. Meanwhile, a warning to users of Jakarta 3: don't place anything important in your checked luggage; it's still very risky. After all, it took Rome and Paris years to bring order to their baggage handlers.

The first flight was operated by the Malaysian airline, the second by the Indonesian one. There was no difference in the comfort level of the airplanes: both were spartan. Although the Indonesian airline is known to have a poor reputation, that concern was not justified on this flight.

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Economy MFM - CGK More than 3 years 1 reactions 30 views


Nothing to say . . . Departure and arrival were on time. Not quite enough legroom . . . No entertainment or (free) snack during the flight.

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Economy DMK - KBV More than 3 years 1 reactions 15 views


Are you sure that this is a low-cost airline? Nothing to do with Ryanair in France! The service, stewardesses and check-in were beyond reproach...

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Economy DMK - CNX More than 3 years 1 reactions 31 views
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