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The tablets were dirty

The tablets were dirty. We asked if they could be cleaned, and they threw us some paper towels, right on the tablets, rudely. What's more we were accompanying our deceased mother, unacceptable. The in-flight meal on the return flight was dirty and wilted, an unpleasant meal.

My ticket cost €408, and I promise I will never travel on Air Algeria again.

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Economy LYS - CZL More than 3 years 2 reactions 86 views

Getting back to one's origins

Departed from Lyon Saint Exupéry onboard one of the airline Air Algérie's planes heading for Sétif in Algeria. The seat was a bit more comfortable than the ones on Easyjet's planes. It was possible to get some information about the flight (speed, distance, flying time, temperature, etc.) via the screen but there were no films, clips or whatever. A meal onboard is included in the ticket price and it's relatively good. Baggage loading and check-in is fairly slow: about thirty to forty minutes.

Overall, it was fairly good (and I'm not very demanding when it comes to travelling either).

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Economy LYS - QSF More than 3 years 3 reactions 106 views

A good flight for a good price

The plane took off from Marseille on time, the crew was very pleasant and the in-flight meal was good (crudités, chicken, cake).

On the return flight we had a 45-minute delay leaving Algiers but in any case it's impossible for flights to leave from Algiers on time. There are exactly 7 baggage checkpoints between the time you park at the airport and the plane taking off.

The airport was ultra-secure, like the one in Algiers.

There was a very nice flight crew on the departure flight as well as the return. Air Algerie has made progress.

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Economy MRS - ALG More than 3 years 4 reactions 58 views

They've made a lot of progress

Air Algérie, what can one say: the flights are exceptionally good. No complaints to make about the new planes; no complaints about the cabin crew...

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Economy ORY - ORN More than 3 years 15 reactions 344 views


With its reputation for delays and for being a garbage airline, I wasn't expecting anything from Air Algerie.

The plane was on time and the crew was welcoming, friendly and helpful. The in-flight meal might not have been Paul Boucuse, but it was very good. As for the plane, it was all new and very clean. I would fly on Air Algerie again without hesitation, especially since my roundtrip ticket was only 165 euros.

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Economy QSF - LYS More than 3 years 6 reactions 206 views
Khaled M.

They don't give a damn!

Very important information: if you must take an Air Algerie flight and you have a transit in Algeria, you have to be warned and informed about what...

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Economy ALG - DKR More than 3 years 12 reactions 603 views

How to arrive two days later

A very delayed flight departing from Marseille (no precise information on the cause)…rumor of a bomb alert at the Algiers airport.... In the end, there was a three-hour delay and I missed my connection to Africa (Burkina Faso), because the captain “decided” not to board passengers (though he had the list).

At the Algiers airport, no communication, no explanation, no assistance (e.g., complimentary telephone or internet access), no complimentary services (neither drinks, nor food, from arrival in Algiers at about 9 p.m.—three hours after scheduled time—until 1 a.m. of the following day)….
No solution found other than that of waiting for the next flight (two days afterwards), while it would have been possible to use other airlines and go through other countries.... They also used some misleading ads: “Air Algerie Always Caring of You…”
Those two days were spent in a second-class hotel, always with no internet or telephone services, far from the city….
On the day of departure, the tickets hadn't been prepared, and also one of my bags had been searched (a chocolate box was ripped open and partly consumed)….

To conclude, Air Algerie will be dragged to court.

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Economy MRS - OUA More than 3 years 17 reactions 611 views
Re C.

Vol de bagage

À mon arriver à domicile ,je constate dans mon premier sac de voyage que l attache et pas fermer,J ai cru quand qu' il s était ouver pendant l acheminement, des que je l œuvre je m aperçois que ma cartouche de cigarette à disparu,sue le deuxieme sac,impossible de l ouvrir car la fermeture et casser
Je n y croyais pas, mais c est la réalité,les bagagiste ne sont pas surveiller et des vols sont bien commis sur les passagers
Dorénavant, si j ai pas le choix et que je dois voyager avec cette maudite compagnie, j embalerais mes sacs dans du scotch adhésif
Car dans cette compagnie, c est des voleurs du sommet jusqu en bas de l echelle

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Economy TLS - ORN 04/2019


Je voyage en famille . a l'enrigestrement on me dis un de mes enfant n'a pas de place.
On m'oriente vers l'agence on me fis qu'il ne peuvent rien pour moi.
Je leur explique que j'ai payer mes billet.
Mais ils m'ont obliger a acheter un autre billet pour mon enfant sinon il serai rester la bas.
La meilleur dans l'avion il y a eu une jeune fille le meme age que la mienne a voyager debout.
VOULEUR ......

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Economy ALG - CDG 08/2018


Parti pour un vol Dakar - Marseille nous sommes montés dans l'avion qui nous conduisait à notre première escale à Alger nous sommes restés dans l'avion pendant 4h sans explication sans climatisation et pour avoir une bouteille d'eau il fallait quémander le personnel été très désagréable se sachant fautif ils nous ont donné une excuse absolument bidon pour justifier le fait que nous soyons immobile sur la piste il a fallu que les passagers se révolte pour que ça commence enfin à bouger et que nous ayons une bouteille d'eau arrivées à Alger nous n'avons même pas eu droit à des excuses même pas un repas qui aurait dû logiquement être pris en charge par la compagnie vu notre retard et nous avons fini par embarquer avec 3 heures de retard supplémentaire ce qui monte le compte à 7h de retard total pour le vol vu que nous avions raté la correspondance l'avion était dans un état de saleté épouvantable le repas dégueulasse et le personnel très agressif. Je voyage régulièrement vers différentes destinations mais cette compagnie et a proscrire définitivement.

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Economy DKR - MRS 05/2018 1 reactions
Kristel b

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