A pretty pleasant flight in theory

Review of hubt about the flight Air Algerie AH1012 between Alger and Paris Charles De Gaulle on 04/06/2014 in Economy
hubt AH / DAH ALG / CDG
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

This flight looked pleasant on paper: I was leaving the Algerian sun to go back to my Parisian life. However, at the start, I, who am used to traveling on the airline's A330, was very disappointed to end up traveling on just a B738. Those planes are very small and you feel cramped, plus, there was no entertainment (no screens, few newspapers in French). Luckily I had my computer (but without the Internet connection that Air France provides on long-haul flights).

The meal was pretty good, but it lacked a smile from the stewardess. I'm used to Air Algeria's arrogant, haughty and lazy staff. Those people from Algiers that I know so well. I really don't expect a lot from those people. It was useless to talk to the other passengers. They were really loud and had their spoiled special snowflake children with them who were screaming for our "enjoyment." Finally, I arrived in safe harbor (Charles de Gaulle Paris) with only a one-minute delay. I must say that I'm still in shock, since I'm used to Air Algeria's delays of more than 30 minutes. That was the first time that I've arrived in Paris from Alger on time. It was a great day.

Overall rating
4 / 5
Value (price + quality)
2 / 5

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By hubt, about Air Algerie, , close to Mantes-la-jolie, Île-de-France, France
Posted online by HappyFlight, on 5 June 2014
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