Racist rude staff - do not use this service ever!

Review of stacey S. about the flight Air France between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Manchester on 20/05/2018 in Economy
stacey S. AF / AFR CDG / MAN
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

Black and Brown sisters spend your hard earned money elsewhere!! Nobody deserves to be treated like shit especially by an airlines company like #Airfrance !!

I’ve just had the worst experience of my life thanks to Air France #AIRFRANCEKLM. I was denied boarding whilst attempting to come home from Disneyland. I had lost my Biometric Residency Permit, BRP, but had all the supporting documentation to prove that I was a legal UK resident. I had my passport and a valid Schengen visa.

The boarding agent denied me access to the Immigration Liason Officer who would have been able to review my documentation and let me board. I am not an illegal immigrant. “No! You can’t speak to the ILO, this is France !”, she yelled.

During this process my daughters aged 5 and 7 became distressed and started crying as the AirFrance boarding agent shouted at me; I asked if I could get my children some water. “No, no! Don’t move!” She shouted.

Finally I was racially abused as the agent said “Go back where you came from” before frogmarching me and my children out of the boarding terminal .

At no point was any concern showed for me or my children, both UK citizens. No advice was given, no help or advice offered.

When pressured she finally led me to the ticketing counter and said to wait. I overheard her speaking in French to the girl at the counter. The girl asked her If I had any documents with her before making a phone call. She flatly said No. I wasn’t allowed to speak . It was her words against mine . I got so mad as I wasn’t allowed to speak with the ILO .

I spent a week of mental torture not knowing when or if I was going to see my youngest daughter, who had stayed in England with her dad, again. I was desolate and alone in a strange country.

The problem was all created by AirFrance’s over officious interpretation of documentation, UK Border Force had no problems with my entry to the UK.

Air France should send their staff for unconscious bias training as the agent who mistreated me displayed blatant racial prejudice.

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By stacey S., about Air France, , close to Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom, via its phone
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