Child abuse on board

Review of Heba about the flight Air France between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Cairo on 12/09/2017 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

We've all had bad experiences with Airfrance but on September 12, I had the absolute worst experience imaginable on flight AF570 from Paris to Cairo. I was on the flight with my family, including my two daughters, one 5 and disabled/special needs, and the other is 2.
Both were very quiet throughout the flight but as the plane started to land both became somewhat "whiny", complaining that their ears hurt.
An older woman sitting in front of me then turned around and said "shut your kid up or give her a reason to cry" in an incredibly threatening voice but saying it and glaring at my 2 year old which obviously made her cry even more. I told her to talk to me directly and she then started to talk about how we don't know how to raise our kids.
I ignored her and gave my two year old my phone to watch videos to keep her busy. The old woman turned around again and ordered me to "turn that thing off" in her threatening tone. I told her to give herself a break and she started cursing and insulting us and repeated over and over again to shut up my disabled 5 year old.
Of course, this was all a very negative experience but that wasn't even the worst part.
I motioned for the crew to come and when they did they did not even bother looking at me for a second or checking on us. Their concern was only for the lady that yelled, insulted, and had absolutely no regard for my disabled 5 year old. To make matters worse the co-pilot then came out to check on the old woman and also didn't bother to check on the family that's just been completely insulted on the plane. I don't know if this is because we are Egyptian and she was obviously not or if they were just completely oblivious to what's happening on their plane in front of everyone seated in the area. If this isn't some form of child abuse I really don't know what is.
I will NEVER ride an Air France plane again and urge everyone to take a stand against this horrible, racist airline.
Please help me spread what they did and how we were treated as i won't forgive,forget or let go of my children rights
Shouting at a 2 years old baby to shut up on a plane is a child abuse and shouting at a special needs, and disabled child forcing him to shut up and control him/herself is a crime

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By Heba, about Air France, , close to Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt, via its phone
Posted online by admin, on 14 September 2017, view original version
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