'Je suis désolé, je ne parle pas français'

Review of TheflyingArgie about the flight Air France between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Athens on 04/04/2014 in Economy plus
TheflyingArgie AF / AFR CDG / ATH
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

My first time visiting the Lounge of Air France at the Charles de Gaulle Airport it was not the most memorable.

Surrounded by dirty and sticky tables I tried to approach one of the ladies of the personnel to ask her if she could help me to clean one of the empty tables but I am afraid that I do not speak French - I only studied few years at the school back in my born country and we do not have many neighbors to practice it around in Argentina - so I tried to speak in English with the 'native' (aka she was born there, no?).

The first reaction of the lady that I spoke with was: 'What do you want from me?' , and then I asked in my poor French if she spoke English and told me: 'NO' (with certain approach like: 'You are not only disturbing me but also addressing me with a pathetic accent'), so I tried to look around to see if somebody else could help me, but nothing..., so, I tried again with "sign languages", but her reaction was: 'I am not retarded, but I am giving a shit about what you want...'.

Seeing her service behavior and kind attitude, once again I insisted in English and "sign languages" but she ignored me..., so I said loud enough in English: 'I am sorry Madam, I did not wanted to trouble you to get a clean table...'. Suddenly she looked into my eyes with a furious face and cleaned the bloody table!, then I added: 'I am glad to see that you finally understood what I meant, and your English is better than you tough after all. Congrats!'

(Above you will find a close illustration of the 'native')

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By TheflyingArgie, about Air France, , close to Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium
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