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Racist rude staff - do not use this service ever!

Black and Brown sisters spend your hard earned money elsewhere!! Nobody deserves to be treated like shit especially by an airlines company like...

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Economy CDG - MAN 05/2018 5 reactions
stacey S.

Air France do not care about their customers

Air France cancelled my first flight, then the replacement flight was delayed, resulting in a missed flight, an 8 hour wait at the airport and an extra stopover in Korea. It took 27 hours to reach my destination and I received NO form of compensation. What's more, there was no bus to rush us to our flight after the delay like other connecting flights got - the cabin crew just told us to hurry so we ran through one of the biggest airports in the world with luggage, only to be told that there was no way we would have got on. In fact, after complaining they sent me 2 generic emails that were exactly the same saying there was nothing that they could do. I will NEVER be flying Air France again and would urge others not to either. They treat their customers so badly and just don't care when something goes wrong, which apparently happens a lot judging by all the bad reviews I'm now reading online.

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Economy LHR - KIX 10/2017

TERRIBLE AIRLINE. Chhose other airines

I went on a week vacation from the us. Landed in Paris, took a flight to Madrid and had the worst experience ever with this airline. First off, staff is very rude, they lost my luggage i spent half of my vacation going back to the airport because they found the luggage separately in different days, spent money on taxis to go to the airport to pick up the luggege twice and when i was there they would make me feel that it was my fault. They are absolutely rude in both airports. Paris and Madrid. I will never fly this airline or any airline affiliated with it, such as KLM or Delta because they are probably just as horrible. There was literally a line of at least 25 people with the same issue. Dont say i didnt warn you.

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Economy CDG - MAD 11/2017
Arturo Bandera

Child abuse on board

We've all had bad experiences with Airfrance but on September 12, I had the absolute worst experience imaginable on flight AF570 from Paris to...

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Economy CDG - CAI More than 2 years 2 reactions

Awful baggage service

Outbound flight managed by China Eastern: chinese staff is not trained to deal with western customers. Old plane, with uncomfortable seats. On both...

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Economy plus PVG - RBA More than 2 years
Marco Stamazza

Disgusting service

I have booked an Air France business class flight from Australia to Europe. They are code sharing with China Eastern. Air France will not let me choose my seat in advance. I have a 7 hour+ layover in Shanghai, from about 14.40 to 21.45 but their business lounge is closed from noon until 19.00 !! China Air would have given me a short stay hotel room for the wait. Air France not only would not do the same, but would not even help me to arrange one.
Never have I come across such shocking business class service. My advice to anybody is to avoid Air France like the plague. i certainly will.

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Business MAN - BNE More than 2 years 1 reactions

Rude Ground Staff & No Customer Service

I booked all my flights on the KLM website. I flew outbound from Singapore to Amsterdam, then stopover in Paris on the way to Malaga. On the return...

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 2 years

Uneventful, as I like it

I was in 16J on this A340, a plane I haven't flown in some time. The premium voyageur class is acceptable in terms of leg room and seat width. The...

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Economy plus DTW - CDG More than 2 years 3 reactions

Completely unacceptable treatment of our luggage.

Unfortunately I have to join the chorus of extremely dissatisfied customers. If AirFrance decided to treat their customers as well as they do inside...

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Economy HAM - AEP More than 3 years
Frederik S.

Standard flight

The cabin was clean, the meals they've served were OK. The staff was polite enough. Alas, the flight departed from CDG about one hour later and both the Check-In and Boarding were not comfortable.

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Economy CDG - KBP More than 3 years 1 views
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