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Excellent flight

Very good flight. Boarding was on time. The staff was pleasant and efficient. A very high-quality flight: comfortable with a number of new movies...

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Economy FRA - YUL More than 2 years 2 reactions 152 views

A good flight (FRA - YUL)

I took an Air Canada flight from Germany to Montreal.

The flight went well. We left 35 minutes late due to traffic and fog.
The only problem was that my screen broke an hour before landing, which meant I didn't get flight information.

The service was good. The flight crew came by with drinks pretty regularly, which was appreciated.
They were nice but not warm. What I also didn't like about Air Canada was the lack of in-flight information, not counting the numerous announcements about turbulence.

We arrived without having made up for the delay.

One little plus: this was the first time that someone has offered me a magazine during a flight, although I haven't taken many (4). It was Le Devoir, which subsequently allowed me to get seats for a classical music concert in the last concert hall in the Place des Arts: classy.

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Economy FRA - YUL More than 3 years 1 reactions 45 views

A very good transatlantic flight

Air Canada is an excellent airline.

We boarded on time onto a comfortable and roomy plane.

Each passenger had an individual screen with a large choice of movies. During the flight we were served a meal and a snack, both of which were goof.

The flight crew was really nice and professional. The landing in Montreal happened right on time. I recommend Air Canada and I would fly with them again.

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Economy FRA - YUL More than 3 years 1 reactions 65 views


Un vol transatlantique très bien, avec de nombreux divertissements (films, audio, jeux ...). Le personnel navigant est très sympa, il passe de nombreuses fois auprès des passagers. Le repas est très bien et les rafraîchissements très nombreux et variés. Aucun soucis de ponctualité sur ce vol malgré la tempête de neige à l'arrivée sur Montreal.

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Economy FRA - YUL More than 3 years 1 reactions 66 views

En dépit des conditions climatiques déplorables qui se sont abattues dans la période de Noël, notre avion est parti à l'heure. Disposition en 3-3-3 en économique, mais on ne voit pas la différence avec la disposition 3-4-3 d'Air France. Boeing 777 300 ER neuf et beau, très bien entretenu. Repas assez mauvais mais en collation le wrap était excellent, le meilleur que je n'ai jamais mangé. Le PNC passait dans les rangs pour proposer un deuxième plateau repas (une telle générosité est totalement inédite). Personnel très aimable et entièrement francophone. Arrivée à l'heure. Pour le divertissement, il y avait un choix de film assez intéressant sur l'écran personnel dont Avatar.

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Economy FRA - YUL More than 3 years

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