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Good Flight

The seats were really comfy for a 45 minute flight up to Vancouver, we cruised at 14000 feet and we had a great view of Seattle and Vancouver, the flight was awesome.

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Economy SEA - YVR More than 3 years


I had read bad reviews but bought tour package So called Affordable World, bout trying get seated together, told cost to pick seat, ok so got seats together, called To get known traveler number added said they do at airport, uummm usually TSA wants 72 hours so im thinking ok mayb new policy, we have Economy seats, give passport and Nexxus card, She says "we only add TSA Pre if you are business class or above", why wpuld my seat price determine my security clearance right to use it, The line is sooo long & im HOT, so not looking good, im trying not have bad experience but its happening. At this moment, I cant get pass not being able to use my right to TSA pre access.... Air China was our only flight option out of JFK with that package

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Economy JFK - PEK 09/2018

Oh No! (Air) Canada!

We have flown all over the world. We've flown on third-world country airlines. After our recent, and certainly last, encounter with Air Canada both...

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Economy BNA - LGW More than 3 years

As Often, a Good Flight.

Check in was carried out by a friendly and professional staff. Boarding and takeoff were on time, the seat was comfortable and they served a...

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Economy plus ORD - YUL More than 3 years

Good Flight.

This flight to Chicago began with a one-hour delay, which was unpleasant.

Boarding was fast, and they respected priority.

The seats were comfortable and the individual in-flight entertainment on the short-haul network was nice.

They served us a beverage, the crew was professional and the landing was smooth, though the one-hour delay wasn't made up for, only negative point.

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Economy plus YUL - ORD More than 3 years

Short Interior Flight.

Correspondence flight from Montreal after flying in from Paris. Customs was pretty fast for the people on the correspondence flight. Baggage claim...

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Economy YUL - YQB More than 3 years 5 reactions 18 views

Pleasant Flight with a Canadian Accent.

Departure and arrival were on time for this flight. Check in and boarding were fast and efficient. The flight crew was available and helpful. The...

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Economy CDG - YUL More than 3 years 6 reactions 59 views

Excellent flight

Very good flight. Boarding was on time. The staff was pleasant and efficient. A very high-quality flight: comfortable with a number of new movies...

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Economy FRA - YUL More than 3 years 2 reactions 152 views

Calm night flight above the Atlantic

In the economy class, as usual, the leg room is small. We were provided with pillars and blankets. The entertainment was very good, as everyone had a small screen in front of him/her, with a large choice of music, films, documentaries, etc.

The sound was unfortunately not the best and it was sometimes difficult to understand the dialogues in films. The dinner was ok, but the breakfast was disappointing, only a small muffin and a tea/coffee.

I would have expected bread, honey, butter, etc. The air temperature was a litte bit cold. I flew several times with Air Canada and I think it is a good company, although not the best.

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Economy YUL - GVA More than 3 years

Pleasant flight above Canada

I flew from Vancouver to Toronto, which last about 4.30 hours.

The seat was OK, let's say, typical for today's economic class: the room was just the minimum. The entertainment was very good, with lots of films, documentaries, series, games, and so on.

The only problem is that the sound is not enough loud and sometimes, it is difficult to understand the dialogues (in the films). Drinks are free, but you have to pay for the food.

The flight was pleasant and I noticed that the crew avoided a thunderstorm so that we had nearly no turbulences. Everything was fine with the luggage, nothing got lost.

I was just surprised that some flight attendants did not speak French, which is actually an official language in Canada.

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Economy YVR - YYZ More than 3 years
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